Friday, June 2, 2017


With home runs back en vogue and at some extremely prolific levels over the last year-plus in fantasy baseball, it can be easy to overlook emerging power performance that are not linked with an impact in stolen bases as well.  So while we all drool over and chase to the end of earth those players who can offer power/speed production, those home run "specialists" often get left on the wire as a dime a dozen player.  Perhaps this explains the so far lack of pop being attached to the breakout 2017 being engineered by Cincinnati Reds outfielder Scott Schebler, who just got done cracking his 16th home run of the season before May was out.  That homered helped Schebler put forth the following overall numbers as we went into action Thursday:

16 HR
30 RBI
24 R
3 SB

At first glance, the home runs and RBI stand out right away as Schebler has arguably been one of the most prolific sluggers in all of baseball in that department so far this season.  While his home ballpark is always considered to be one of the very best power parks in baseball, Schebler has actually hit 10 of his 16 home runs on the road.  At the very least, Schebler is showing he can lock down home runs and RBI at a very high level and that should be his calling card going through the remainder of the season.

Digging into the next batch of numbers, clearly the .249 average is quite shaky but a few things need to be noted there.  The first is that Schebler's average should actually be BETTER than .249 as all his advanced metrics point towards this.  Schebler right now is carrying around a very unlucky .228 BABIP and that alone has helped down the average.  In addition, Schebler is doing everything he can to help himself as his 7 BB/9 is decent enough and his 19.4 K/9 rate does not point to him being a hacker.  Thus a .270 average is entirely attainable here when the luck begins to even itself out.  Finally, Schebler has some speed and from 2012 through 2015 in the Los Angeles Dodgers minor league system, he put himself in the mid-teens in terms of stolen bases.  While the 3 steals he has is quite mediocre, Schebler could pick up 10 total in that category which is a nice added bonus to go with the power.

When you put it all together, Scott Schebler is having very big breakout season for the Reds and his numbers should be even better then the surface digits are showing.  Try and talk up the ugly average and lack of name brand to steal Schebler away from his owners as the last four months should see another uptick in his value.

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