Tuesday, May 9, 2017


All right with more than a month in the bag for the 2017 fantasy baseball season, let's adjust the first baseman rankings which has seen some big letdowns from high-priced guys.

1.  Paul Goldschmidt:  8 steals, 7 home runs, and .316 average make Goldy a true and very rare five-tool first base monster.
2.  Freddie Freeman:  It is official:  Freddie Freeman is a fantasy baseball first round stud.
3.  Joey Votto:  No one has a prettier swing in baseball and 10 home runs already could result in a career season.
4.  Kris Bryant:  Whether you play him at 1B, 3B, or the OF, Bryant a phenomenal talent.
5.  Wil Myers:  Steady production from Myers who looks to validate his insane 28/28 campaign from 2016.
6.  Eric Thames:  Along with Ryan Zimmerman and Aaron Judge, the star of April.  Looks like the Korean League numbers are making the trip to the majors.
7.  Ryan Zimmerman:  As of this writing on Mat 9th, Zim has a .420 average and 13 home runs.  Staggering production from a guy who didn't even get drafted in many leagues.  It won't last as Zimmerman always gets injured and his BABIP is ridiculously lucky but for now he warrants being ranked this high.
8.  Anthony Rizzo:  The average has been a drag all season to this point but overall there is no reason to fret here.  The numbers will be there in the end.
9.  Miguel Cabeera:  Some disturbing signs early on here as Cabrera has been injured since the beginning of spring training and had a rare DL stint in April.  Age?
10. Jose Abreu:  As steady as it gets.
11. Daniel Murphy:  Already in the running for another batting title, Murphy has much more value at second base.
12. Jay Bruce:  He gained first base eligibility which has added to the big start Bruce has had in showing no aversion to New York.
13. Eric Hosmer:  Stop me if you have heard this before:  Eric Hosmer has been disappointing.  The power is down and the average is shaky for the second year in a row.  It is always something.
14. Matt Carpenter:  Starting to get his hitting legs under him after back woes negatively impacted his start to the season.
15. Buster Posey:  Yes you just play Posey at catcher still.
16. Edwin Encarnacion:  Wow has Edwin been brutal in his first year with the Indians.  A renowned star from May onward, we still think he will be all right eventually.  Try to buy low.
17. Yonder Alonso:  The power uptick is incredibly sharp here given the very mediocre history in this category for Alonso but the advanced metrics say it may not be a fluke.
18. Mark Reynolds:  Has made it into May hitting over .300 and around the league leaders in home runs.  While the latter is no shock, the former certainly is.  The guy never goes away.
19. Matt Holliday:  I am still a fan as Holliday is showing he is still a strong OF 3 and can be a terrific backup first baseman.
20. Hanley Ramirez:  Warned you all to stay away in saying Ramirez couldn't stay healthy two years in a row.  Spot on.
21. Jedd Gyorko:  Another guy who has historically been brutal in the average category but all of a sudden is hitting well over .300 with customary power.  Always count on a regression in terms of the average but Gyorko is a proven 30-home run guy who qualifies all over.
22. Kendyrs Morales:  So far Morales has been a disappointment given his home ballpark and power.
23. Travis Shaw:  Ideally you want Shaw at third base but he had a second straight strong April.
24. Carlos Santana:  Very tough start to the year for Santana but the power will be there as always.  The question is where the average will reside.
25. Chris Davis:  Yet another guy who is a huge home run producer but who can't hit .250.  Dime a dozen which is why we always tell you to avoid Davis.
26. Josh Bell:  This one is intriguing as Bell has hit for more power than anticipated and he always has been a .300 bat.
27. Cody Bellinger:  By the time we next update these rankings, Bellinger very well could be ranked much higher.  There is immense upside with this kid.
28. Todd Frazier:  Becoming a huge average liability but still running and hitting for tremendous power.
29. Victor Martinez:  We always count Martinez out and then he goes on a tear which means his cold April is not a deal-breaker yet.
30. Albert Pujols:  Now just a pure home run specialist.
31. Brandon Belt:  Stop chasing potential that is not there anymore.
32. Logan Morrison:  He is what he is and that is just a bench bat who can help in a pinch.
33. Mitch Moreland:  Boring.
34. Ryon Healy:  Play him at third and only in Al-only formats.
35.  Adrian Gonzalez:  He looks completely shot.
36. C.J. Cron:  Really nothing happening here.
37. Joe Mauer:  Just a name brand guy only.

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