Monday, April 3, 2017


The world famous WRAPUP is back so let's get to it:

Masahiro Tanaka:  2.2 IP 8 H 7 ER 2 BB 3 K with an ERA of 22.63.  So much for that unhittable spring training.  A few things here:  the first is that we said not to own Tanaka again given the UCL risk unless he was your SP 3.  Also he gave up two more home runs and his rate there has risen sharply since the tear was discovered.  The dip in velocity Tanaka has had since the tear is directly related and in that ballpark, this is a major problem.  Throw in the health woes and Tanaka is not looking as enticing as he did just 48 hours earlier.

Chris Archer:  7 IP 7 H 2 ER 1 BB 5 K with an ERA of 2.57.  I am VERY high on Archer prior to the season and he did as well as could be expected given it is Opening Day.  There is 240-K upside here and Archer would be a Cy Young contender on a team that gave him a better chance to win.  Love the outlook.

Gary Sanchez:  0/5 while hitting .000.  One game for sure but Sanchez was a guy I said would be grossly overdrafted this spring and that his average would sink to the .260 range.  No issues with the power but forget .300.

Kevin Kiermaier:  2/3 with his first SB while hitting .667.  I love Kiermaier as a tremendous OF 3 with upside.  He can easily be a 15/15 guy and maybe even 20/20.  Yes the average has been ugly but Kiermaier dealt with bad BABIP luck last season so a rise to .275 is possible.

Evan Longoria:  2/4 with his first HR while hitting .500.  No one seems to want Longoria once his steals dried up and his power dipped in 2015.  Last year he set a career-best in home runs though and he remains a terrific source of pop who can threaten 30 bombs again.

Eduardo Nunez:  3/4 with 2 steals while hitting .750.  Nunez was tremendous in a big breakout performance last season and he already is running wild as he looks to swipe 40-plus again.  Nunez is a terrific hitter who can easily bat over .280 and combined with the steals, makes for a great option no matter where you play him.

Madison Bumgarner:  7 IP 6 H 3 ER 0 BB 11 K with an ERA of 3.86.  Ridiculous but yet typical.  And for good measure, Bumgarner homered TWICE.  Just surprised he didn't come in for the save.

Mark Melancon:  blown save with 2 ER in .2 IP.  Speaking of saves, not the best way for Melancon to debut in his new locale.  He has been dominant the last two seasons though despite not having big strikeout stuff and so chalk this one up to nerves for the opener.  Nothing to see here.

A.J. Pollock:  3/5 with his first HR while hitting .600.  Finally healthy after a rough spring, Pollock did what he does best in terms of getting on base and helping across the statistical board.  Just stay healthy my friend.

Zack Greinke:  5 IP 4 H 2 ER 2 BB 4 K with an ERA of 3.60.  I think this is what is going to pass for a good Grienke start now that his fastball is barely reaching 90.  How much is left on that contract?  Shame on your if you invested here.

Fernando Rodney:  won the game despite 1 ER in 1 IP with 2 hits and 2 walks.  Buckle up as this guy is not going to be pretty.  Shame on your 2.0 if you invested here.

Willson Contreras:  2/4 with his first HR while hitting .500.  25 home runs and 80 RBI from Contreras are in play and at catcher that could challenge for the number 1 spot there if Gary Sanchez regresses.

Randal Grichuk:  2/4 with his first HR while hitting .500.  Heading into last season Grichuk had quite a bit of fantasy baseball sleeper pop but as long as he continues to post K/9 rates that hover at or above 30 percent, his 30-homer power will be somewhat muted.

Carlos Martinez:  7.1 IP 6 H 0 ER 0 BB 10 K with an ERA of 0,00.  Martinez toyed with the Cubs and really ramped up the K's.  Keep in mind that as dominant as Martinez can be, his K/9 rate dipped sharply last season which was a big concern given his history of shoulder woes.  This is a very good sign.

Seung-Hwan Oh:  3 ER in 1.2 IP.  Oh is far from a proven closer and so a sophomore slump could be in play this year.  Also the name Derrick Turnbow can always be brought up when it comes to stoppers who come out of nowhere one year and dominate, then turn to crap the next season.

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