Wednesday, April 12, 2017


It never stops even for one day.......

-One day it is Jeanmar Gomez and the next day it is Sam Dyson who literally threw away their closer job in a little more of a week into the 2017 season.  This is no shock to myself or anyone who has read my work in this past year's draft guide or on the site as I predicted from the beginning the folly of both these guys and and their mediocre (Dyson) to pathetic (Gomez) K/9 rates that simply don't work in the ninth inning and how this day would come soon.  Gomez has been replaced by Joaquin Benoit and in Texas I expect Matt Bush to be named the new closer today.  Jeremy Jeffress might have been a name to consider but he has been equally terrible so far this season also.  Grab Bush where available and let this be a lesson to never invest in a mediocre K/9 closer ever again.

-Ken Giles why do you do this to us?  In the dreaded non-save chance Tuesday night, the Houston Astros closer gave up two runs in one inning to spike his ERA to 9.00.  Closer troubles have plagued the Astros the last few seasons and it appears that issue will not go away in 2017.  Now Giles has been decent in save chances but overall he still is quite rough around the edges.  He is not in danger of losing the job yet but Giles better not do something like this when given a save chance.

-Fernando Rodney remains a joke as a closer as he predictably struggled Tuesday night in giving up 2 runs on 2 hits and a walk.  Archie Bradley is a failed starter who has the stuff to close like the dozens of other examples we have seen over the year.  I really think making a move for Bradley is the way to go because we all know Rodney will be out before you know it.

-Greg Holland now is up to five saves and has been completely in control.  Just like that he looks like a top tier closer again and has turned out to be a major value this season.

-Man Seung-Hwan Oh is becoming a major problem.  As great as he was as a rookie in 2016, he has been dreadful so far in 2017 as he gave up another run in 1 inning Tuesday and has been scored upon in all three of his appearances to inflate his ERA to 12.27.  With Trevor Rosenthal now healthy, this is something to watch closely.  We are not ready to say Oh is the latest Derrick Turnbow but again we have said many times the encore to an out-of-nowhere guy emerging as a potentially dominant closer is many times far from smooth.

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