Sunday, April 30, 2017


Michael Conforto:  3/4 with his 2 HR (6 for season) and first SB while hitting .333.  Yeah I would say that was a good say at the office.  Conforto checked all of the boxes today and this reinforces how the Mets need to have him in there on daily basis even when Yoenis Cespedes gets back.  I told you all throughout Conforto's struggles last season to continue to trust the talent and the 25 home run projection I have always had for him.  What a talent.

Jose Reyes:  2/4 with his second HR while hitting .173.  Reyes is hitting the last four games now and so he is clearly coming out of the fog.  Just when the Amed Rosario began to take off.  Of course.  

Ryan Zimmerman:  3/4 with his 11th HR while hitting .410.  Eric Thames who?

Brett Gardner:  2/4 with 2 home runs (2 for season) while hitting .210.  Gardner has been waiver trash until this one so not many were rewarded from this.  Honestly while Gardner is running more, do you really want to own this guy?

Aaron Judge:  2/2 with his 10th HR while hitting .310.  Judge, Thames, and Zimmerman are all fighting it out for fantasy baseball MVP.  No one had any of them on their top 50 list of best chances to be in that conversation in spring training.

Michael Pineda:  5.1 IP 5 H 0 ER 1 BB 8 K with an ERA of 3.14.  The WHIP is 1.05 and shows how efficient Pineda has been.  There is money at stake since Pineda will be a free agent and we know situations like that go.

Jose Abreu:  2/3 with 2 home runs (2 for season) while hitting .269.  Yeah I did write a few pieces last week to buy low.  Hope you listened.

Victor Martinez:  2/5 with his first HR while hitting .229.  Of course V-Mart homered since I just cu him the other day.  Doesn't it always happen like this?

Roberto Osuna:  scoreless ninth for second save with an ERA of 6.43.  That should get the confidence back on track.  As bad as Osuna has been pitching, he was still striking guys out so I trust the stuff from the kid.

Nelson Cruz:  1/4 with his sixth HR while hitting .302.  What a four year stretch Cruz has had offensively and to think they took place once he LEFT Texas.

Kyle Seager:  1/3 with his first HR while hitting .254.  Hey listen you all know how I feel about Seager.  A buy low is absolutely a splendid idea if you want to get a hold of someone who is a firm 25-homer guy for a song.

Anthony Rizzo:  1/5 with his sixth HR while hitting .269.  You can't ever go wrong using a first round pick on this monster.

Ben Zobrist:  1/5 with his third HR while hiting .214.  Again Zobrist is much more useful in real life than in fantasy baseball and given his age, there is little reason to own the guy.

Andrew Benintendi:  1/3 with his third HR while hitting .326.  I said the other day that while hitting everything in sight, Benintendi's power may not show up fully until after the break.  Maybe I should re-think this.

Hanley Ramirez:  1/4 with his second HR while hitting .250.  The shoulder remains a major problem for Ramirez and a flare up could send him to the DL at a moment's notice.

Matt Kemp:  3/5 with 3 home runs (6 for season) while hitting .327.  I would say Kemp had a good day wouldn't you?  Don't doubt for a second that Kemp's arrival in Atlanta has boosted Freddie Freeman this season and vice versa.

Dansby Swanson:  2/5 with his second HR while hitting .149.  Swanson has already been dropped down in the Braves order and no telling how much longer they will let him struggle the way he has given confidence concerns.

Khris Davis:  1/4 with his 10th HR while hitting .275.  This is Khris Davis telling Aaron Judge and Eric Thames, "Hey wait for me."

Jose Altuve:  2/3 with his third HR while hitting .318.  I am going to flat out say that Altuve is the best hitter in baseball.  Hands down.

Andrew Triggs:  7 IP 5 H 0 ER 0 BB 9 K with an ERA of 1.84.  Got beat up his last start but then throws another gem.  I have been on record calling out Triggs as a fraud and stand firmly behind that thought.  The problem for Triggs owners is that he doesn't have enough of a track record to be a trade asset so you might as well ride this out.

Ivan Nova:  9 IP 3 H 0 ER 0 BB 7 K with an ERA of 1.50.  If there ever was a clear example of a guy who is garbage in the AL but turns to something much bigger in the easier NL, this is it.

Carlos Gomez:  4/4 with his 4th HR while hitting .239.  Now out of the leadoff spot, Gomez is hitting again as he went for the cycle.  He was never a good contact guy to begin with but he used to beat the BABIP curve with pure speed.  With Gomez aging and losing speed due to injuries as well, the average has dipped which is not a shock.

Rougned Odor:  1/4 with his 4th HR while hitting .194.  We are almost into May and Odor continues to struggle badly but like with Carlos Correa, we are talking about a VERY young player who is prone to ebbs and flows like this.  Sometimes we expect too much out of these kids.

Yu Darvish:  6 IP 3 H 1 ER 4 BB 10 K with an ERA of 2.79.  This is a Yu Darvish Special, right on down to the high K's and ugly walks.

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