Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Alex Colome:  scoreless ninth in non-save with ERA of 0.00.  Not getting many save chances which is annoying but Colome well on way to validating big 2016 breakout.  Remains prime trade chip in July though.

Joaquin Benoit:  scoreless ninth in non-save with ERA of 4.05.  Nice to see after blown save.  Benoit is a cagey veteran who knows how to move on and that bodes well for his immediate closing future.

Addison Reed:  scoreless ninth in non-save with ERA of 3.12.  Jeuurys Famila is back tomorrow so it was fun.

Wade Davis:  scoreless ninth for third save with ERA of 0.00.  Elbow holding up and when that happens, Davis is a top four guy with Chapman, Britton, and Jansen.

Cam Bedrosian:  scoreless 2 IP for third save with an ERA of 0.00.  Bedrosian struck out 3 and even Mike Scoscia can't screw this up in terms of him having the overpowering stuff to possibly be a top closer.  Then again Scoscia can;t be trusted with literally anything.

Seung-Hwan Oh:  scoreless ninth for second save with ERA of 8.10.  First time Oh did not give up a run but he still surrendered 3 hits.  Something amiss here.

Mark Melancon:  scoreless ninth for third save with ERA of 3.86.  Struck out 3 but also gave up 2 hits.  Not the smoothest of starts to the season but Melancon is as safe as any stopper in the game.

Kelvin Herrera:  scoreless inning in non-save with ERA of 3.00.  Fully back on track now.  Like him a lot.

Santiago Casilla:  scoreless ninth for second save with ERA of 3.00.  Yes righties were up in the ninth.  So annoying this situation.

Greg Holland:  2 ER in ninth but earned 8th save with ERA of 2.25.  First time Holland has given up a run so forgive him.  Has been superb overall and getting a crazy amount of chances.

Blake Treiner:  1 ER in .1 IP with an ERA of 7.11.  Done!  It took less than three week for Treinen to show he can't close and so Shawn Kelly is the guy now to own (scoreless .2 for save).  Dusty Baker should have gone Kelley from the beginning but he always has to try and reinvent the wheel.  And those who drafted Kelley under the assumption he was the guy and then cut him when Treinen got the gig have likely lost him to someone else.  Commence drinking heavy amounts of vodka.

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