Monday, March 6, 2017


The Fantasy Sports Boss Experts League 2017 Fantasy Baseball Draft took place last night and myself and the other nine owners were going in with four keepers in the last year of the four-year cycle before we start from scratch next year.  I went in with terrific top-end keepers that I collected the previous three years and what helped shape the early rounds of my draft:

Paul Goldschmidt
Jose Altuve
Manny Machado
Max Scherzer

I had the 9th pick for finishing second the previous season and this snake format gave me number 12 as well.  I was planning to go starting pitching since I had a tremendous hitting base and there were a slew of good hitters available.  Such name hitters that were available that were tempting were Ryan Braun. Jonathan Villar, Christian Yelich, Buster Posey, and Nelson Cruz.  Be that as it may, I was going pitching and the best available I considered were Jacob DeGrom, Justin Verlander, Carlos Carrasco, Chris Archer, and the crown jewels available:  Noah Syndegaard and Chris Sale.  I knew there was no way I was getting Noah or Sale but I was looking firmly at Verlander, Archer, and DeGrom in getting two of the three.  Now I wouldn't have even thought pitching if not for the unknown finger issue with Scherzer.  I needed insurance so I had to act.

So the draft gets underway and right off the bat Syndegaard and Sale go as expected.  Then to my shock Verlander goes which makes me panic a bit in thinking I wouldn't get Archer or DeGrom.  Luckily the next 5 picks went Gregory Polanco, Nelson Cruz, Ryan Braun, Freddie Freeman, and J.D. Martinez.  Up I step and the draft is underway:


1.  Goldschmidt
2.  Altuve
3.  Machado
4.  Scherzer

5.  Chris Archer (SP):  I love the arm that Archer has and his immense strikeout totals the last two seasons (252 and 233) is a great pairing with Scherzer.  Archer also dealt with some poor BABIP luck last season which means his 4.02 ERA should have been lower.  Now I am looking at DeGrom as my third ace on the way back but Yelich is very tempting.

6.  Jacob DeGrom (SP):  Got him.  I am a Mets fan so this is tempting on more than ability.  DeGrom looked great in hitting 97 in his first spring outing and his dominant numbers since becoming a firm member of the rotation since 2014 are inarguable.  With the starters addressed, now it is onto the outfield as I have nobody there yet.  Yes I will regret losing Yelich but Mark Trumbo, a buy low on Andrew McCutchen, and maybe Posey/Jonathan Lucroy at catcher could be in the plans next.

7.  Christian Yelich (OF):  Well this was a nice surprise.  Didn't think Yelich would drop this far but I waited two seconds to pick him up.  While I don't fully buy the 21 home runs from 2016 due to a groundball heavy approach, there is five-tool ability here and he goes with my plan to get .300 hitters all around the lineup.

8.  Andrew McCutchen (OF):  I have been as critical of McCutchen as anyone but in what is the eighth round I couldn't pass up this kind of value.  It is a buy low all the way and I go in not expecting anything in the way of steals.  A fully healthy McCutchen could hit .280 with 25 home runs and 90 runs and RBI so I will take that this late.

9.  Andrew Benintendi (OF): Yes this is a slight reach but I don't care.  I get the consensus number 1 prospect in all of fantasy baseball and anyone who has seen the recent 8-for-11 tear with 2 HR's that Benintendi has been on in spring training knows how gifted the kid is.  My outfield is fully filled up so now I need more power elsewhere.

10. Dee Gordon (2B):  I already had a second baseman in Altuve but I couldn't pass up the value here.  I can put Gordon in whenever I need a steals boost at UTIL but honestly I had regret right after doing this as I should have left UTIL open to make my draft some versatile.

11. Alex Colome (RP):  Sigh.  The run on closers was ridiculous the previous two rounds to the point that there was only a few left by this point so I was forced to act.  Hated doing this but at least in Colome I got a very high K guy who has excellent ratios.

12. Ken Giles (RP):  Again I hated doing this and Giles gives me the creeps based on his up-and-down 2016 but at least I got two high-K guys to allow me to move onto other spots.

13. Evan Gattis (C):  With Posey and Lucroy going in Round 6, I get a guy 7 rounds later who can hit more homers than either if he stays healthy.

14. Kendrys Morales (1B, OF):  Good versatility here and tremendous late-round power that I can use at UTIL or in the outfield.  I love the potential of the still very good Morales in Rogers Center and in that Toronto lineup.  30 home runs and 100 RBI the floor here.

15. Gerrit Cole (SP):  I need to fill out the #4 and 5 spots in my rotation and I start with Cole who really took a nosedive in the draft given his elbow scares and sinking K/9 rate last season.  Sure it is a risk but I also could get an ace-type pitcher in Round 15.

16. Steven Matz (SP):  Again injury risk but very high upside here with the lefty Matz who has averaged a K/IP since debuting with the Mets.  My rotation looks pretty darn good.

17. Dansby Swanson (SS):  At this late stage I still had an opening at shortstop or third base (depending where I played Machado) and so I get the number 1 pick in the 2015 draft to help this out.  I don't think Swanson will be a star just yet but 15/15 and a .280 average seems like a safe floor.

18. Carter Capps (RP):  Took another shot here on the ridiculously powerful Capps who I think will close for the San Diego Padres before too long.  Brandon Maurer is a joke and won't last in the ninth inning and Capps was groomed to be a stopper.

19. Victor Martinez (1B):  Late and cheap power here as Martinez still has a very smooth swing and can help in a pinch.  Good first base or UTIL insurance as I can play Morales in the outfield.

20. Yoan Moncada (3B):  Yeah I am heavy on prospects which I don't always like but Moncada this late is a steal.  This is the number 1 prospect that will begin 2017 in the minors and already people are projecting him as a future 15/40 guy.

21. Marcus Semien (SS):  I like this guy more than most I admit.  Honestly though the guy had a tremendous 2016 in hitting for big power and he has good speed as well.  The average is sketchy but Semien had some bad BABIP luck last season which means he should improve there this season.

22. Greg Holland (RP):  I think it is only a matter of time before Holland is closing games for the Colorado Rockies over Adam Ottavino and so this was a worthwhile gamble.

23. Taijuan Walker (SP):  Walker has been money his first two spring starts and he wouldn't be the first post-hype sleeper made good.  The kid still is capable of decent strikeout numbers but I know Walker's home run tendencies are a scary match with Chase Field.

24. Tim Anderson (SS):  Just looking for backup pieces with upside and that is what Anderson is.  Kid had monster stolen base numbers in the minors and showed better then expected pop as a rookie last season.

25. Glen Perkins (RP):  For the last round I went with Perkins who should get the closer job back with the Minnesota Twins once healthy.

So this is my team.  Let me know what you think.

C-Evan Gattis
1B-Paul Goldschmidt
2B-Jose Altuve
SS-Dansby Swanson
3B-Manny Machado
OF-Andrew McCutchen
OF-Christian Yelich
OF-Andrew Benintendi
UTIL-Kendrys Morales/Dee Gordon

Tim Anderson-SS
Victor Martinez-1B
Marcus Semien-SS
Yoan Moncada-3B

1.  Max Scherzer
2.  Chris Archer
3.  Jacob DeGrom
4.  Gerrit Cole
5.  Steven Matz
6.  Taijuan Walker

Alex Colome
Ken Giles
Carter Capps
Greg Holland
Glen Perkins


  1. nice draft! just curious, why weren't Sale and Thor kept?

    1. the Sale owner had Kershaw and kept him. not sure why other guy let Noah go.

  2. Solid, though I don't like having Machado at 3B, it really takes away the relative gain you would get with him at SS. You're quite good at the free agent wire...i'd package Dee + Dansby + a Closer for a top 6 3B?


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