Friday, March 10, 2017


Here are the updated second baseman rankings, which are our second batch since spring training got underway.

1.  Jose Altuve:  Given how utterly ridiculous Altuve has become as a five-tool monster, you can make the argument he deserves to go number 1 in drafts this season. Given the uptick in power and dearth of second baseman, we would not argue with anyone who goes with this dynamo over Mike Trout.
2.  Daniel Murphy:  Wow what a great MVP-type season Murphy had in his first go-round with the Nats.  A .347 average and by far career-best 25 home runs scream "outlier" though so watch how much you spend here.
3.  Trea Turner:  Also carries outfield eligibility and could net SS as well.  Ridiculous talent who will challenge for stolen base title while also hitting 15-20 home runs and batting over .300.  Do what you need so you can ensure Turner is one your roster.  We had him ranked too low (at 6 prior to this) and needless to say a correction was overdue.
4.  Robinson Cano:  Let there be no doubt that Cano is still the hitting stud he was in his Yankees days as he comes off a career-best 39 home run season in Seattle of all places.  He is getting up there in age but Cano is safe for another year or two as a second round pick.
5.  Ian Kinsler:  Aging nicely is Kinsler but long history of injuries and drop-off could occur as soon as 2017.
6.  Brian Dozier:  No doubt a monster season for Dozier in 2016 but he was in outlier power territory and expecting an average north of .260 again is asking a ton.  Never pay for a career season.
7.  Rougned Odor:  Love him, love him, love him.  Stardom is almost guaranteed here.  Reach for the sky.
8.  Matt Carpenter:  Has been beat up so far this spring but Carpenter is as dependable as they come and he is eligible at three positions.
9.  Dee Gordon:  Who knows what you will get here as the off-the-juice version of Gordon coming back from his suspension a year ago was not very impressive.  Could easily be back to his .260 average days that got him send away from the Los Angeles Dodgers.
10. DJ LeMahieu:  Average was very impressive last season (.348) but a lot of it was empty as LeMahieu does not run much and have a great deal of power.
11.Dustin Pedroia
12. Anthony Rendon:  Had one of the all-time bust seasons in recent memory in 2015 but Rendon was much better last season.  Just don't look for the 2015 steals returning.
13. Jason Kipnis
14. Jose Peraza:  Major value potential here as Peraza is a guy who can hit over .300 with some power and run all day.  Now has the second base position all to his own in Cincy with Brandon Phillips out of town and has hit the ball well this spring.
15. Starlin Castro:  Not as much flash here compared to when Castro first arrived on the scene but still a solid 15-20 home run bat.
16. Ben Zobrist
17. Devon Travis
18. Jedd Gyorko
19. Jonathan Schoop
20. Brandon Phillips:  Gets a fresh start in Atlanta but Phillips moves from a prime power park to a pitching-leaning one.  Not what you want from a guy who could be on the statistical cliff.
21. Neil Walker
22. Josh Harrison
23. Logan Forsythe
24. Joe Panik
25. Scooter Gennett
26. Howie Kendrick
27. Ryan Schmipf:  Lots of power but the average will be gross.
28. Whit Merrifield
29. Brett Lawrie
30. Jace Peterson
31. Jurickson Profar:  Still carries nice potential and versatility but injury history still ugly.

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