Tuesday, February 7, 2017


All right the big and mammoth slugging first baseman are on tap now in terms of yours truly continuing looking at the 2017 fantasy baseball players I will target in drafts this spring.  Now when it comes to this position, those who are big followers of mine know that I almost ALWAYS draft a first baseman in either the first or second round given the importance of anchoring your roster with such a big offensive player.  Most others in the fantasy baseball community go along with this sound line of thinking and so that makes it even more imperative you end up with someone here right away in order to keep up with the others in your league.  So with that said, here is who I am targeting:

Paul Goldschmidt, Anthony Rizzo, Joey Votto, Miguel Cabrera, Freddie Freeman:  I group all of these guys together because I will not hesitate to take any of them in Round 1 (Goldy, Rizzo, Cabrera) or Round 2 (Votto, Freeman).  All five are incredibly productive and offensive stalwarts which further makes them great investments.  Don't overthink anything here.

Jose Abreu:  There is the narrative starting to cement itself out there that Abreu is a "disappointment" because he has not graduated into the 40-home run monster many predicted him to be.  Well despite that not happening, Abreu is still quite good as he is as certain to hit for a second average, collect 100 RBI, and slam 25 home runs as anyone in the game.  Throw in a slightly depressed draft price and that makes him even more a swell buy.

C.J. Cron:  I have gushed enough about Cron to even annoy myself over the last few years but I remain a big proponent of his and for good reason.  If not for a busted hand, Cron would have likely had a full breakout season in 2016 but 16 home runs in 407 at-bats looked just fine.  This is a first baseman you can plug in your UTIL or CI spot on the cheap and possibly get 25 home runs from.

Eric Thames:  Already spoke at length about Thames yesterday and the fact he can run a bit and has big power has gotten me on board despite the previous MLB failure.

Justin Bour:  Dirt cheap 20-25 home runs with a solid amount of RBI you can throw into your CI or UTIL spot when a right is on the mound.  The new and younger version of Adam Lind.

Josh Bell:  Not a big power prospect but Bell has an advanced approach at the plate that could lead to 80-plus runs and RBI to go with a .300 average.  Any power would be a a nice bonus on top.

Tommy Joseph:  I am not completely sold on the big power output during Joseph's 2016 debut (21 homers in just 315 at-bats) but the fact no one seems to take him seriously means a solid profit can be had as you draft him for your bench.


  1. Why not group encarnacion in with that top tier?

    1. why not though? he's been consistently productive for 5 years now.

  2. Encarnacion is aging, going from power park to neutral one, and average eroding.


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