Thursday, February 9, 2017


With the second baseman I will target already established, here are the players from the same position I will make it a point to avoid.

(while I won't make it a point to target them, I would consider Robinson Cano, Daniel Muprhy, or Ian Kinsler in Round 4 so they are not strict avoids.)

Brian Dozier:  The 42 home runs Dozier hit last season were no doubt one of the more eye-popping numbers of the season and his .268 average was a career-high as well for a hitter who was a .240 guy previously.  Alas the homers are in outlier territory and the average can easily slide back given the high strikeout rates Dozier habitually churns out.  I don't chase career years and won't start here.

Jason Kipnis:  While a nice player, Jason Kipnis has been all over the statistical map with no rhyme of reason.  Also now that he is 30, the steals are really beginning to ebb as Kipnis has gone for just 12 and 15 the last two seasons after earlier being in the 30's.  Again nice player but the volatility is high.
Javier Baez:  It is still open for debate whether or not Baez can hit a consistent hitter in the majors and that is a shame since his power/speed ability could be at a superstar level.  The strikeouts are downright ridiculous though and Baez gives the impression he could be back in the minors after an extended cold streak.

Dustin Pedroia:  Have avoided him for years and won't stop now.  At 33, Pedroia's steals are gone for good and his body is made of glass.  Let him go.

Ben Zobrist:  Like with Dustin Pedroia, once the steals have faded away for good, Zobrist is just a boring veteran who doesn't move the fantasy baseball needle much.

Neil Walker:  Coming off back surgery, Walker will have a touch time matching the 23 home runs he slugged last season.  With no steals to make up for a loss of power, this one could get ugly.

Brandon Phillips:  Aging and has the look og a guy whose 2015 comeback was a last gasp upward push.

Kolten Wong:  Right now has no place to play in the St. Louis infield and Wong has not shown he can hit enough to be a regular.

Brett Lawie:  Please.

Ryan Schimpf:  Lots of home runs here but with a .220 average.  Yuck.

Jedd Gyorko:  He is getting better but Gyorko doesn't steal bases which is a major problem for me in the middle infield.  The power is legit for sure though and very potent.

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