Saturday, February 11, 2017


The shortstops are up next as I continue to identify the players I will target in 2017 fantasy baseball.

Carlos Correa:  The 2016 narrative on Carlos Correa was that he was a disappointment but only in a draft round sense.  I told you all not to go overboard and make Correa a first round pick last season off only a half season of prior work and the same theme holds true this season for Trea Turner and in the past with guys like Yasiel Puig.  Sophomore slumps are almost inevitable and that is what I chalk 2016 up to with Correa.  Still despite not yielding first round numbers, Correa still hit .274 with 20 homers and 13 steals and that is his FLOOR for 2017.  Remember he is still only 22 and has four years or so of ceiling left.  A five tool player is always on my docket for first two rounds and that works here.

Francisco Lindor:  Most will be chasing Correa, Corey Seager, and Xander Bogaerts which means Lindor could slip to the fourth round where I would absolutely make a stab.  While he doesn't blow any one category up, Lindor contributes to all five in a very nice way.  This future batting champion is still just 23.

Jean Segura:  See my second base "Guys I Will Target Section: for write-up.  Will gladly take Segura at SS or second base.

Marcus Semien:  This guy is severely being overlooked at drafts despite coming off a season where he hit .27 home runs and stole 10 bases in a tough park like Oakland is.  Semien's .238 average had a lot to do with it but he also had some rough BABIP luck which means he is more o a .260 guy or better.

Jose Peraza:  Has eligibility all over and the game to be a quiet five-tool contributor.

Trea Turner:  Again I won't use a first round pick on Turner but a second rounder for sure.  The threat of a backtrack in home run rate is real and a sophomore slump as well but Turner has immense skills that will make him a star in short order.

Tim Anderson:  Yes he needs much better overall plate discipline but Anderson was a huge stolen base guy in the minors and then came up and cracked 10 home runs in just 410 at-bats as a rookie.

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