Sunday, February 5, 2017


Time to take my annual spin around the diamond when it comes to identifying the players I will be targeting in 2017 fantasy baseball drafts.  Today I will share with you the catchers I will target in single-backstop formats.

Wilson Contreras:  I absolutely love this kid and his smooth and powerful swing.  The best part about Contreras is that his draft price has not gotten out of hand yet which means a tidy profit can be had.  After tearing through minor league pitching to begin 2017, Contreras hit .282 with 12 home runs in just 252 at-bats.  Upward and onward we go.

J.T. Realmuto:  I earned a lot of plaudits for telling you all to go after the emerging Realmuto last season and look what happened?  Kid goes out and hits .303 and posts an extremely rare power/speed game behind the dish.  Now Realmuto's draft price is going to go up this season which means I may not be able to get him again on my terms but I will try.

Evan Gattis:  Did a piece on how underrated Evan Gattis is compared to the similarly skilled Kyle Schwarber and how true that is.  Gattis can hit 25 home runs in his sleep and come 6-8 rounds cheaper than Schwarber.  With Brian McCann having arrived via a trade, it is likely the fantasy baseball community will knock Gattis thinking he won't get the at-bats.  The plan is for Gattis to be the primary DH though which will keep him in the lineup on a daily basis.

Matt Wieters:  Yes he is still without a home but Wieters has the power and resume to be a solid everyday fantasy baseball catcher.  Still young at the age of 31, Wieters can hit 20 home runs if all breaks right.

Wellington Castillo:  Castillo has been a target of mine the last few seasons and he generally has answered the call with 15-homer power and a useful enough average.  Now in Baltimore and the home run tendencies of Camden Yards, Castillo looks like a swell value pick once again.

Austin Hedges:  Has a resume as a smooth swinger in the minors (.326 with 21 home runs are Triple-A last season) and that alone makes Hedges a nice target in the late rounds.  Yes Petco Park stinks for a hitter but there is a decent pedigree here.

Andrew Sucac:  Could hit 20 home runs if Sucac grabs hold of the starting gig in Milwaukee but this is something to be aware of in spring training.

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