Wednesday, February 22, 2017


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In New York, the debates are already beginning regarding which team among the Yankees and the Mets has the better shortstop prospect.  The two contenders for each side are Gleyber Torres for the Yankees and Amed Rosario for the Mets and the hype is real when it comes to both.  No matter what top prospect list you look at, Rosario and Torres are in the top ten and in some the top five.  Both are also ahead of the other in different rankings as well.  So the debate is underway in terms of which guy is going to turn out better like when the two sides argued over rookies Derek Jeter and Rey Ordonez (yes this actually was a debate at one time, as laughable as it may sound now).  A few weeks ago we profiled Torres and so today lets dig in more on Rosario.

At just 21-years-old, Amed Rosario is incredibly young but also incredibly gifted.  Not only does Rosario have excellent defensive skills that many think will make him a Gold Glover at the Major League level, his offensive ceiling is as high as it goes as well.  In fact many think Rosario is the best overall hitting prospect in baseball and his results at Single-A and then Double-A last season did nothing to dull this thought.  Starting out at Single-A, Rosario batted .309 with 3 home runs and 13 steals in 290 at-bats.  That earned Rosario the promotion to Double-A where he tore the cover off the baseball to the tune of a .341 average with 2 home runs and 6 steals in 237 at-bats.  With K/9 rates of 12.4 and 20.5, to go with BB/9 rates over 7.00 at both levels, Rosario is already showing an advanced bat that will allow him to hit .300 on an annual basis in the major.  Rosario also runs very well as evidenced by the stolen bases and 20-plus at the major league level is also going to be in the cards.  Then there is the power which is just now starting to show itself.  We hear comparisons to a young Hanley Ramirez here which is also what was said about Carlos Correa when he first came up to the Houston Astros and that alone makes Rosario very interesting.

In terms of 2017 fantasy baseball, Rosario is not likely to be heard from unless injuries take out Neil Walker or Asdrubal Cabrera.  With both Walker and Cabrera over the age of 30, this is not far-fetched in terms of Rosario coming up as an injury replacement.  He should absolutely be drafted in all mixed fantasy baseball leagues given the massive upside but only in the late rounds given the lack of opportunity with the Mets as of this writing.  The future is very bright indeed however.

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