Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Now for the closers I will avoid for 2017 fantasy baseball.  There will be an easy to notice trend here.

Kenley Jansen, Aroldis Chapman, Zach Britton, Mark Melancon, Seung Hwan Oh:  All of those guys are supreme fantasy baseball closers and all will command big dollars at the draft table.  A cost that I will NEVER pay.  In fact I smile to myself in a draft when these guys are taken since there are more good players left for more to choose from at other positions.

Wade Davis:  Davis is high-priced AND a Tommy John surgery risk since he has had a few scares with that already.

Craig Kimbrel:  Has big name brand but also sliding stuff and himself an increased injury risk.

Jeurys Familia:  Already looking at a 30-50 game suspension due to his domestic violence incident and honestly I don't like owning guys who do this.  Personal vendetta.

Alex Colome:  I like Colome and have all the respect for what he did last season but he figures to get traded by July and so I don't want to worry about getting nothing from the guy once that happens. Yes Colome could get moved to a team needing a closer but often deals like this end up in a setup situation.

A.J. Ramos:  Always has trouble with walks and now has the very intriguing and capable Kyle Barraclough breathing down his neck.

Francisco Rodriguez:  Velocity is slipping badly and has been for years and the home runs are really sailing out at a high rate.  Red flags everywhere.

Sam Dyson:  Guys who have a mediocre K rate like Dyson does get exposed before too long.  It will happen here for sure so don't bother.

Brandon Kintzler:  Truly horrific K rate for a guy who will work in the ninth inning and this can get ugly real quick.

Jeanmar Gomez:  The Phillies are fooling themselves if they go back to Gomez in the ninth inning this season.  He can;t strike anyone out and by the end of last season opposing hitters were going to town on him in very ugly fashion.

Ryan Madson:  Can easily get replaced by Sean Doolittle or Santiago Casilla.  Madson's stuff is fading quick.

Tony Watson:  Struggled finishing games when given the chance last season which is a bad sign for the 2017 campaign.

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