Tuesday, February 14, 2017


The third base position has become a gigantic monster off offensive numbers the last three years and FOUR guys from here should be picked by the middle of Round 1 in most fantasy baseball drafts.  While I still suggest going 1B-five-tool outfielders in the first two rounds, I will make an exception and go third base in Round 1 and then five-tool outfielder Round 2 if given the chance to get one of these FOUR:

Kris Bryant, Manny Machado, Nolan Arenado, Josh Donaldson:  I would not hesitate more than two seconds to pick any of these four in Round 1, so awesome are the offensive numbers.  I still rank them Bryant-Machado-Arenado-Donaldson but honestly you can't go wrong with of these of guys.

Matt Carpenter:  I have been a critic of Carpenter's in the past but that was before he proved his 2015 power burst was legit in 2016.  Always right at the top of the majors in runs scored to go with a solid average and power, Carpenter also qualifies at 2B, 3B, and now will gain first base.  In Round 3 I would be ecstatic to get Carpenter and so should you.

Kyle Seager:  Of course you knew I would include Seager here as I have made it a yearly tradition to share you underrated he is.  What is funny is that Seager continues to get better as he reached 30 home runs in 2016 with 99 RBI.

Adrian Beltre:  Clearly a Hall of Famer in my book, Beltre brought himself back from the career cliff in 2016 by slugging 32 home runs, driving in 104, and hitting .300.  In other words, vintage Beltre numbers.  Yes a sharp drop can come as soon as 2017 given the fact Beltre is 38 but his draft price is not out of whack when you consider that the rest of the fantasy baseball community thinks this; thus keeping him affordable.

Evan Longoria:  Listen I don't love Longoria as he no longer steals bases and his average struggles to reach .275 given his strikeouts but over the last three years he has become a good buy relative to the numbers.  In fact I drafted Longoria in the late middle rounds last season and saw him go out and slug 36 home runs.

Maikel Franco:  I am still a firm believer in the ability with the bat that Franco possesses, despite a disappointing 2016 that saw his average drop to .255.  On the positive side, Franco hit 25 home runs and 30 is not out of the question given the fact he is just 24.  Believe in the ability and take advantage at the slightly cheaper draft price this time around.

Jose Reyes:  I will preface this by saying I will only draft Reyes as a backup given his eligibility at shortstop and third base.  He also could get time at second base if Neil Walker has setbacks with his surgically-repaired back which adds to the versatility.

Eduardo Nunez:  Many will say Nunez' 2016 breakout season was a fluke.  That wouldn't be a totally misplaced statement to make as Nunez never came anywhere close to his 16 home runs and 40 steals from last season but keep in mind he also never got a chance to play as consistently as he did in 2016 either.  At the very least, we are looking at good steals and runs totals to go with a solid average.  Any power output would be a nice bonus.


  1. A little offtopic, but is Rizzo (round 9) a far better keeper than Goldy (round 1)?

  2. Yes based on the Round gap there.


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