Wednesday, January 18, 2017


The next batch are up as we continue to take a first look at our 2017 fantasy baseball outfielder rankings.

21.  Justin Upton:  It took Upton four months to find a comfort zone in his first season in Detroit but overall he remains a flawed hitter who runs extremely hot and cold.  Upton's average is now firmly in the liability realm and he doesn't seem as interested in running much anymore.  As overrated as it gets.
22. Jose Bautista:  Back in Toronto where Bautista remains in a prime power park.  Home runs and RBI are pretty much the total calling card for the 36-year-old as Bautista has hit just .250 and .234 the last two years.  Joins Upton as more name brand than actual production.
23. David Dahl:  Call me overly bullish on the Rockies youngster but this is a potential five-category Charlie Blackmon-clone who will never come cheaper.
24. Stephen Piscotty:  Yes Piscotty is one of "MY GUYS" but this youngster is a terrific pure hitter who tapped into some new power in 2016 (22 home runs) and who can take the odd base (7 steals).  Lots to like and the price remains affordable.
25. Lorenzo Cain:  Injuries derailed Cain's numbers in 2016 but he is still a guy who can contribute in all five standard ROTO categories when he right.  While the power is not likely to leave the teens, Cain will be excellent everywhere else.
26. Michael Brantley:  Tough to slot Brantley as he missed pretty much all of 2016 with ongoing shoulder trouble and he still is not 100 percent.  He is one of the best pure hitters in the game and Brantley at full health can perform like a top 20 guy.
27. Odubel Herrera:  Discussed my love Herrera in more depth the other day but in short, this is already a give-tool guy who has some room to get even better.
28. Kyle Schwarber:  Easy 30 home runs here and maybe a re-acquisition of catcher eligibility.  But boy does Schwarber have no position on the diamond.
29. Matt Kemp:  We are starting to get into the power guys who don't run and that is what Kemp is now.  He comes off a 35-home run campaign that showed that he is far from done despite losing almost all his speed.
30. Dexter Fowler:  Not my cup of tea as Fowler is a decent but not impactful fantasy baseball player.  He will do a little of this and a little of that but the move to St. Louis takes away some of his already modest power.
31. Billy Hamilton:  You all know how I feel about Hamilton who is grossly overpriced each and every season and 2017 will be no different.  This is a gadget guy all the way but one who could win the steals category for you by himself.  I still think you wait ten rounds and draft Jarrod Dyson or someone like that later.
32. Jackie Bradley Jr.:  Bradley Jr. really came into his own in 2016 but his second half struggles were a bit of a red flag.  It could be that opposing pitchers got a handle on Bradley whose .267 average was actually as good as you could expect given his strikeout tendencies.  With just modest speed, (9 steals), Bradley could go bust for you.
33. Andrew Benintendi:  Like with David Dalh, Andrew Benintendi is right there as the best hitting sleeper for 2017 fantasy baseball.  The injury issues he suffered last season with the Red Sox will be a blessing in disguise as it should keep this future five-tool stud's price down a bit.  Maybe.
34. Marcell Ozuna:  Two of the last three years now we have seen Ozuna go off with his power but his average is a bit shaky and he doesn't run which limits the overall upside.
35. Adam Eaton:  Amazing to this day how much the Washington Nationals gave up to get Eaton.  Now Eaton is a nice player who can go 15/15 with a .290 average which is very nice but don't let that trade fool you into thinking he is a star.
36. Hunter Pence:  Age shows mercy on no one and Pence is all of a sudden injury prone as he has dealt with missed games for large stretches of the last two seasons.  Still he batted .289 with 13 homers and 1 steal in just 395 at-bats last season so the hitting numbers are still there.  Now just an outfielder 3 though.
37. Byron Buxton:  The much-hyped Twins prospect showed signs of finally tapping into his vast potential last season but he still has holes in his swing which need to be covered.  It is still not too late for him to realize those 20/30 seasons.
38. Josh Reddick:  Reddick is Adam Eaton but with more injuries.  In fact Reddick has more power than Eaton and could pass him if he can stay on the field.
39. Khris Davis:  You get massive power here but a hurtful batting average from the "K" version of "Chris" Davis.
40. Adam Duvall:  Again another guy who can really collect the power numbers but put a hurt on your average.


  1. You forget about Mazara?! Last time he's not in the top 20!

  2. got him at 42. fluid list and far from final tally before season start.

  3. If he's batting in the 5th hole or better, tough to see him not in the to 25


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