Tuesday, January 3, 2017


So 2017 fantasy baseball drafts are not yet underway but before you know it you will be on the clock in Round 1 where getting it right is always crucial.  So as we always do this time of year, here is how we see a typical mixed league standard 5 x 5 formats league should look in Round 1.

1.  Mike Trout:  Trout getting a lot of heat from Mookie Betts and Jose Altuve but his phenomenal 5-category dominance and remaining youth give him the nod.

2.  Mookie Betts:  Call Betts "Mike Trout-lite" as that is exactly what he is.  In fact Betts overall slightly outproduced Trout last season but the Angels outfielder has done it for longer.

3.  Jose Altuve:  Just when you thought Altuve couldn't get any more productive, he goes out and hits a career-best 24 home runs last season to go with his insane .338 average and 30 steals.  All at the shallow second base position as well.

4.  Paul Goldschmidt:  Like with Altuve, Paul Goldschmidt added new statistical tricks as he stole 32 bags at first base of all places last season. Better yet, Goldy should up his 24 home runs a year ago closer to 30 this time around.

5.  Kris Bryant:  Feel free to draft Bryant as high as number 2 overall as the slugging third baseman does it all as he successfully upped his average last season and is as potent a power hitter as there is.  What a talent.

6.  Nolan Arenado:  40-plus home run power and home games at Coors Field make Arenado a terrific pick to round out first half of Round 1.

7.  Clayton Kershaw:  We always suggest avoiding using an early round pick on a pitcher but this is the only exception we would make if you do so.

8.  Manny Machado:  Yes he doesn't run anymore but Machado is an annual batting title contender to to with tremendous power.

9.  Josh Donaldson:  Another third baseman is warranted with such a high pick as Donaldson has been an MVP-hitter the last two years.  No signs of slowing down here.

10. Miguel Cabrera:  He is getting a bit up there in age but Cabrera was as good as ever last season with the stick as he batted well over .300 and collected a ton of homers as usual.

11. Anthony Rizzo:  The steals look like they were a mirage from 2015 but Rizzo is as consistent as they come as he just now enters his prime.

12. Bryce Harper:  Yes it was a very rough 2016 for Harper coming off his video-game numbers of 2015 but he is still just 24 and is quite capable of dominating with the bat again.

Dropping out this season is Andrew McCutchen, Joey Votto, and Carlos Correa.  Votto and Correa are close as is Corey Seager.  Let us know who else you think should be there.

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