Thursday, December 22, 2016


Well that encore didn’t go according to plan.  We were never more proud then when we tabbed Arizona Diamondbacks developing outfielder A.J. Pollock as one of our most hyped fantasy baseball sleepers for the 2015 season and then sat back and watched him put up a monster five-category superstar campaign.  Operating mostly out of the leadoff or number 2 spot in the Arizona order, Pollock batted .315 with 20 home runs, and 39 stolen bases.  Pollock also put up a huge tally in runs with 111 and even chipped in with 76 RBI ,which is a tremendous number considering the batting spot.  No matter how you looked at him, Pollock’s 2015 haul was that of a top tier fantasy baseball outfielder and so it was no shock when he sailed into second round territory for 2016 drafts.  It was then where fate intervened as Pollock fractured his elbow in spring training which landed him on the disabled list to begin the year and even threatened his season in general.  Pollock’s injury was about as huge a blow as could be felt given the high draft cost and the fact Pollock didn’t even take a swing that counted.  Still for those who kept him stashed on their roster, Pollock fought his way back to the team in late August where he flashed his 2015 power/speed game by cracking 2 home runs and stealing 4 bases in 41 at-bats.  Alas a very bad situation somehow got worse when Pollock suffered a mid-September groin injury that finished his season early.  So in the end Pollock’s owners got only those 41 at-bats and his season served as a firm reminder that disaster can strike any player at any time.  So in terms of what you do with Pollock moving forward, the obvious call is to completely throw out his 2016 and give him a giant mulligan since there is still a ton of ability here.  Keep in mind Pollock is still only 29-years-old and the fractured elbow was a fluke-type injury that does not in any way earn him a health risk designation.  2015 is very repeatable given the remaining youth and home ballpark and again on paper would put Pollock close to the top tier outfielder realm.  The best part in all this though is that since many were burned by Pollock last season, his 2017 draft price will come down by a sizable margin and that means he could turn into a huge value once again like he did in 2015.  Count us among those who are big fans of Pollock and who suggest you put last season totally out of your mind and draft him with aggressive confidence this spring. 

2017 PROJECTION:  .300 17 HR 67 RBI 92 R 34 SB  


  1. Any thoughts on his teammate Peralta? Probably get him 100 picks later and put up similar numbers with more HR but less SB??

    1. Has potential and in good park but he burned me and many others a year ago.


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