Friday, December 30, 2016


Here are the first look 2017 fantasy baseball first baseman rankings as we now give all of our attention to the upcoming season.

1.  Paul Goldschmidt:  You earn the definition of a "ridiculous" player when you hit for massive power and steal 32 bases.  In conversation as second overall pick behind Mike Trout.
2.  Miguel Cabrera:  While he is getting a bit up there in age, Cabrera showed in 2016 (38 home runs and a .316 average) he is far from done being a first round pick.
3.  Anthony Rizzo
4.  Edwin Encarnacion:  The move to Cleveland will take a few home runs and RBI away but Encarnacion is as safe a power anchor as you can get.
5.  Joey Votto:  Posted a huge comeback campaign in 2016 when he hit 29 home runs and batted an insane .408 the second half of the year.  Knee concerns are there but Votto safe again as as second round pick.
6.  Freddie Freeman:  Now that he has some support in the Atlanta lineup, a string of .315/.30 HR/110 RBI campaigns are set to launch.  Swell value given the fact Freeman comes cheaper then guys listed above but could be just as good.
7.  Jose Abreu:  Some knock him for what they felt was an "off" 2016 but Abreu is more a .280 hitter then the .300 guy he showed as a rookie who was helped with his BABIP.  In the end Abreu always gets his numbers.
8.  Eric Hosmer
9.  Wil Myers:  Stayed relatively healthy for the first time in awhile and the result was a quietly tremendous 28 home runs and 28 steals.  You can call him a .275-hitting version of Paul Goldschmidt.
10. Chris Davis:  The power is great but want no part of that .220 average.
11. Carlos Santana:  Santana has now firmly settled into being a DH and 1B and he upped his numbers everywhere as a result a year ago.  Won't hit much better than .260 without BABIP help but Santana is a tremendous UTIL or CI option.
12. Hanley Ramirez
13. Brad Miller:  Not fully buying the breakout of Miller and all the home runs he hit a year ago but everyone else likely thinking the same will keep the price affordable.
14. Albert Pujols:  Already dealing with foot problems as he comes off winter surgery that will limit him early in camp.  Aging and average now no better than .250.
15. Adrian Gonzalez
16. Mike Napoli:  Rumors are he signs with Texas and that should ensure another cheap 25 home runs.
17. Buster Posey:  Keep him at catcher.
18. Brandon Belt
19. Justin Bour:  Have respect for the super-cheap 20-25 home run power.
20. Tommy Joseph:  Intriguing as Joseph hit for big power when promoted last season,.  Decent sleeper.
21. Josh Bell
22. Chris Carter
23. Matt Adams
24. Lucas duda
25. Greg Bird:  Great power but my goodness Bird is a strikeout machine.
26. Pedro Alvarez
27. Adam Lind
28. Brian McCann
29. Mitch Moreland
30. Brandon Moss
31. C.J. Cron
32. Ryan Zimmerman
33. Dae-Hoo Lee
34. Joe Mauer
35. John Jaso

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