Friday, November 4, 2016


When the 2016 fantasy football season got underway, Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan was deemed to be nothing more than a backup passer in single-QB leagues and a low-end 2 in leageus that utilize two players from the position.  The knee-jerk reaction when it came to Ryan was to knock him for his "off" 2015 campaign, a year that he did see his TD total drop sharply to 21 to go along with an elevated 16 interceptions.  Adding fuel to the fire was the notion that Ryan's drop in numbers was due to the fact passing game guru Dirk Kotter moved on to be the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  All makes sense on paper but the fact of the matter is that Ryan was still very good in 2015 as he passed for a massive 4,591 yards and having arguably the worst offensive line in the league in front of him made his numbers seem so much more impressive.  Also as far as this peanut stand was concerned, Ryan was and remains one of my all-time favorite players to own in fantasy football as he annually is one of the best buys among all QB's and the veteran almost always delivers stellar numbers for a mid-round draft price.  Need a reminder?  How about these passing totals going back to 2010:

2010:  28 TD/3,705 yards
2011:  29 TD/4,177
2012:  32 TD/4,719
2013:  26 TD/4,515
2014:  28 TD/4,694
2015:  21 TD/4,591

So in the last six years Ryan has thrown for more than 25 TD's in five of them and over 4,500 yards in four.  That is tremendous production and more than made the grade as a top ten fanatsy football QB.  While the 21 TD's were the low total last season, Ryan has quickly put any concern there to rest in 2016 as he comes off a 344-yards/4-TD dissection of Kotter's Buc's on Thursday night.  With Ryan leading the Falcons into strong postseason contention, the guy is also putting himself in the conversation of being fantasy football MVP as he now sits with 2,980 yards with 23 TD and just 4 INT.  Ryan is challenging 5,000 passing yards and 40 TD's and that certaionly puts him on the MVP ballot in the real and fake game.  Also Ryan is arguably the best value play at QB in all of fantasy football like he always has been.  Kyle Shannahan and Ryan are competely in sync with the offense and so more big outings are to be expected the rest of the way.  In short, Ryan is performing like the best QB in the league right now and his fantasy football stock can't go much higher. 

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