Thursday, November 10, 2016


By Michael Wong

Scottsdale-Ariz.--Most of the GM's are heading out of town by tonight but still there was a lot of chatter Thursday that center on some big names.

-The Toronto Blue Jays have failed in their attempts to ink free agent 1B Edwin Encarnacion to a new deal before he hits the open market.  The Boston Red Sox continue to stand by as Encarnacion's expected landing spot but the Texas Rangers stepped up today, along with the Baltimore Orioles.

-The Kansas City Royals are openly debating whether to tear it down and begin another rebuild given how many of their core players are set to be free agents next winter.  Lorenzo Cain, Alex Gordon, and Wade Davis are all guys they will listen to, and Davis stands better than a 50/50 chance to go from what I am hearing.  With Kelvin Herrera expected and very capable of being a ninth inning guy, there is nothing holding the Royals back from at least moving Davis.  Meanwhile it is likely the team will keep the core to start 2017 but by the summer make a firm decision based on their overall standing.

-Brian McCann to the Houston Astros is not happening yet and Yanks GM Brian Cashman knows he has the hammer in negotiations given the dearth of catching options on the market.  That means Cashman will wait on a top prospect to come back and a fit could be had with the Washington Nationals who made contact with the Yankees today.

-The Chicago Cubs are showing no urgency to bring back Aroldis Chapman and truth be told, a team source told me directly that the team is going to let him walk given the expected monster price tag.  A move back to the capable Hector Rondon would be the scenario under that development but Mark Melancon could be an option at a cheaper rate once Kenley Jansen and Chapman are signed.

-Once again the San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, and New York Yankees are all in heavily on Chapman and Jansen.  The Dodgers are toying with Chapman but he word around the lobby here is that Jansen will be re-signed.

-Another guy the Cubs are not going to fight to keep is Dexter Fowler as they plan to go with Albert Almora to being 2017.  Fowler this time could finally go to Baltimore after pulling out of a deal there at the last minute last winter.  Also the New York Mets are keeping tabs on Fowler if Yoenis Cespedes falls through.

-I am hearing more and more that Cespedes and the Mets will eventually come to terms but the price is still to be determined.  That is why Fowler and Ian Desmond are getting a ton of attention.

-Finally Sonny Gray is not going to be moved yet as Billy Beane wants him to build back some value off his pathetic 2016 campaign.  The A's are stocked with young pitching that has a bunch of upside so they are ready to move on from their ace.

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  1. Are the Indians letting the Cubs use their players for some games? Last I checked that was illegal...Almonte is not a Cub


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