Tuesday, October 4, 2016


We have one more game to discuss in terms of fantasy football Week 4 as the New York Giants visited the Minnesotra Vikings.  Let's get to it. 

-Simply put, it is just not happening right now for Giants wideout Odell Beckham Jr.  He has not scored a touchdown in any of the team's four games his season and Monday night qualified as a total dud as he grabbed just 3 passes for 23 yards.  Once again Beckham got into it with an opposing DB, this time Minnesota's Xavier Rhodes and took a personal foul.  I am realyl starting to wonder if Beckham has the classic "weak mind" that distracts him so much in games that he can't perform.  If you got a better explanation I am all for it but right now Beckham is playing like a big bust in fantasy football.

-Joining along with Beckham on the disappointment and draft bust roller coaster is Giants QB Eli Manning, who for the third straight game was a sizable fantasy football negative.  Manning completed 25-of-45 passes for 261 yards Monday night but not one score.  For the season now Manning has just 4 passing TD's and only 1 of those has come in the last 3 games.  With three excellent wideouts and a bunch of pass catching backs at his disposal, there is no way in hell Manning should not be a top ten fantasy football QB on a weekly basis.  He gets a gift in the weak Green Bay Packers pass defense this week so I would give it one more week before you do something drastic. 

-Bobby Rainey is going to be a popular pickup in PPR formats this week but hold the brakes on that a bit.  Yes Rainey caught 7 balls for 43 yards and rushed for another 22 but the Giants were playing catchup all during the second half which led to so many targets.  Keep in mind that Rashad Jennings is expected to return next week which will add another back to the attack.  While Rainey can certainly catch the football, this kind of setup won't happen often. 

-Clearly Jerrick McKinnon is the running back the Vikes want to feature as he rushed for 85 yards and a score on 18 carries.  Yes Matt Asiata got the goal-line score but you already knew that was the setup there going on.  In PPR fornats, McKinnon looks like he can make an impact as a RB 2 as he also caught 3 passes for 10 yards in the game. 

-Kyle Rudolph is a must ass now as Sam Bradford absolutely loves throwing it to him.  Rudolph scored yet again Monday night as part of his 5-catch for 55 yard outing.  Amazing how so many pass-catching tight ends have been available on the wire this season which included Rudolph in a lot of leagues. 

-Stefon Diggs was quiet for the second week in a row as he caught just 5 passes for 47 yards.  While not a terrible night overall, Diggs is capable of more. 

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  1. If the Giants keep digging themselves into a hole, we may get a full time peak at Perkins after mid-season. He has some breakaway ability this team hasnt seen since Tiki Barber. The rest of this bunch are not long-term answers..get on board!! :)


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