Friday, September 30, 2016


Yeah it was a blowout Thursday night as the Cincinnati Bengals did whatever they wanted to the Miami Dolphins.  Let's get to all of the relevant fantasy football happenings coming out of the game.

Andy Dalton:  22/31 for 296 yards with 1 TD.  Dalton has been light on the TD's so far this season but his yardage has been tremendous and the offense is in fine working order.  You always want to try and do better as your QB 1 but Dalton as your QB 2 in two passer formats is big-time.

Ryan Tannehill:  15/25 for 189 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT.  It is just not happening here as Tannehill took 5 sacks and threw another pick on top of the two last week.  Guy is a good athlete but with three good to very good wideouts at his disposal, Tannehill should be so much better. 

Jeremy Hill:  21 carries for 71 yards.  Hill appeared to hurt his shoulder early on but he was fine thereafter.  Decent but not great day and no scores hurts Hill more than most since he doesn't catch many passes.  Still just a starting RB 2 in standard leagues and borderline in PPR.

Gio Bernard:  10 carries for 18 yards to go with 3 catches for 24 yards.  Second dud in a row for Bernard who is being hurt by the comeback of Hill the last two weeks.  Even in PPR it is getting tough to start him.

Jay Ajayi:  6 carries for 33 yards.  So much for Damien Williams (2 for 9) getting the start.  The Miami backfield is the biggest joke in fantasy football and should not be touched under any circumstances.

A.J. Green:  10 catches for 173 yards and 1 TD.  The Dolphins had no answer for Green which was apparent from the start.  That makes it two video-game like outings in four weeks for Green who has been every bit the target fiend we said he would be with the lack of a supporting cast in the passing game.  Top-3 wideout this season.

Jarvis Landry:  7 catches for 61 yards.  Landry has just one catch at the half so this qualifies as a garbage-time special.  Hey as long as the receptions are there in PPR we are happy.

DeVante Parker:  2 catches for 20 yards.  Thought Parker would doso much better but the Cincy defense had its way with the Miami offense.  Nothing else the kid could have done as Tannehill had no time to get it to him down the field.  Waste of a week. 

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