Friday, September 9, 2016


We finally got underway in fantasy football 2016 with a classic Denver win over Carolina in as rematch from last year's Super Bowl.  Of course all we care about are the fantasy football happenings so lets get to it.

Cam Newton:  18/33 for 194 yards with 1 TD to go with 54 yards on 11 carries and another TD.  The two TD's saved the day as Newton did not throw the football well and he was rattled throughout the game.  In fact it was comical how much the Denver defense got into his head as Newton burned all three of his timeouts early in the first half and then was beaten to a pulp in the second.  I told you if you had a good backup that it wouldn't be the worst idea to go with him against the Denver defense but the two TD's made things all right in the end.

Trevor Siemian:  18/26 for 178 yards with 1 TD and 2 INT to go with 20 yards rushing.  All in all not too bad.  Yes the one duck of a throw that was picked was bad but Siemian played with poise and decisiveness and in the end got the win which is all that matters.  Alas he did not do enough to put himself into fantasy football consideration just yet.

C.J. Anderson:  20 carries for 92 yards and 1 TD to go with 4 catches for 47 yards and another score.  The clear star of the night, it was a tad worrisome when rookie Devontae Booker got some carries early on but in the second half it was all Anderson.  He looked great and showed speed and cuts that he didn't show for much of his dud of a 2015.  The Broncos look like they will ride Anderson hard and already he looks like a very good and economical investment.

Jonathan Stewart:  15 carries for 64 yards.  Blah.  This is Stewart in a nutshell as he is not flashy and just doesn't get the numbers to move the needle in fantasy football.  A backup in almost all leagues.

Demaryuis Thomas:  4 catches for 48 yards.  All the catches came in the first half and then zilch in he second.  I said Emmanuel Sanders would be the better fantasy option in this one and he was only slighly that.  The passing game is a work in progress but by the looks of it, Thomas and Siemian have work to do to get on the same page.  Not the debut that Thomas owners wanted to see.

Emmanuel Sanders:  5 catches for 49 yards.  As I said Sanders was only mildly better than Thomas but his shorter routes should lead to him outproducing his counterpart on a weekly basis.

Virgil Green:  4 catches for 28 yards.  Would have had an easy TD catch if not for a tipped ball.  Green is intriguing given the basically rookie QB under center but dont go crazy yet.

Devin Funchess:  1 catch for 9 yards.  With Kelvin Benjamin back and joining now Greg Olsen, there is not enough to go around for Funchess to be fantasy football useful.

Kelvin Benjamin:  6 catches for 91 yards and 1 TD.  Benjamin looked great and all the way back from his torn ACL so there is hope Jamaal Charles owners.  Could be the start of something big.

Greg Olsen:  7 catches for 73 yards.  Old reliable was quiet early on before getting going in the seocnd half.  He is the clear safety valve for Cam Newton and will remain so throughout this season. 

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