Wednesday, September 21, 2016


There was no more hyped player entering into 2016 fantasy football than Dallas Cowboys rookie back Ezekiel Elliott.  After the Cowboys nabbed Elliott near the top of this past May's draft, visions of 1,500 rushing yards and 60 receptions danced in the heads of his prospective owners.  Titles like "workhorse back" or "three-down player" became the norm too when discussin Elliott and as a result, he would wind up on average as a mid-to-late first round pick without ever playing a down in the league.  Fast forward through two weeks of the NFL season and what we have now with Elliott is a lot less hype and a lot more concern.  And if anyone who has followed me talking about Elliott all summer, I was not one of those who was a member of the hype club.  Almost since the start of training camp, Elliott has been an off-the-field mess and his on-field performance has not been terrific either.  I told you all to avoid drafting Elliott and now we are seeing why.

Let's start with the off-the-field issues.  While he was at Ohio State, there were rumblings that Elliott was not an ideal citizen off the field and we began to understand these report this past summer.  Among other things, this is what we have seen from Elliott so far:

-he was spotted walking into a marajuana store whic got a rare public rebuke from Jerry Jones
-he was accused of domestic violence by his girlfriend which both the NFL and authorities investigated thoroughly.
-he showed up to camp overweight and out of shape as a high-priced ROOKIE who should have been intent on proving he was worth the hype and the money.

That is a lot of negatives entering into the season.  As far as the domestic violence, nothing has come from that as far as charges due to lack of evidence but it is disturbing nonetheless.  Also the being out of shape is an issue that is still dogging Elliott after two games of the season. Now as far as those games are concerned, Elliott has been great there either.  Certainly not as far as living up to his first round NFL and fantasy football grade. Through those two games, Elliott is averaging a miserable 3.3 yards per carry and has shown little burst like he routinely did in college.  Yes he has picked up two scores on the ground but both were in very close to the goal-line where he almost had to just fall forward to get in there.  He has also not done much in the receiving game with just 3 catches for 2.5 a pop.  Not PPR material for sure.  Then you have potentially the biggest problem for Elliott in the  form of veteran power back Alfred Morris.  Cast aside by the Washington Redskins after some big years there, Morris was terrific during preseason and he has shown more explosion and drive then Elliott with the football.  After Elliott fumbled for the second time last week, Morris came out and put the game away versus the Washington Redskins by rushing for a touchdown. That now reportedly has earned Morris a bigger look for Week 3 and that could continue to grow the more Elliott struggled. 

So in essence what we have here is an out of shape back who has done little on the field and is being pushed by a very capable backup.  Again I don't know why you didn't listen to me in avoiding this mess but the price is started ot get paid for the error you made there. 

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