Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The news was earth-shattering, both for the player involved and the repercussions in 2016 fantasy baseball which was just getting underway.  When Miami Marlins All-Star second baseman and 2015 batting champion Dee Gordon got suspended for 80 games for testing positive for steroids, the story couldn't get much bigger considering his second round price tag.  Gordon was also incredibly sought after due to his extreme speed and contact skills as he batted .333 with 58 stolen bases for the Marlins the year prior.  Just like that Gordon was gone and a lot of disgust was felt that he would be so stupid to get caught up in PED's.  Since returning from the suspension though, we are starting to see why Gordon decided to go down that dark route in the first place.  Keep in mind that prior to 2015, Gordon was barely handing on as a Major League player as he showed terrible pure hitting skills which led to .228 and .234 averages in 2012 and 2013 and the Los Angeles Dodgers had no issues dumping him on the Marlins prior to 2015.  Then the "light bulb" seemed to turn on for Gordon that season as he was an absolute monster in runs, average, and steals and graduated into hallowed fantasy baseball ground.  Now that he is back though, the current version of Gordon that is likely no longer on the juice is looking similar to what he was prior to his 2015 All-Star campaign.  Consider that going into Tuesday's games, Gordon was hitting only .255 and he has seen his K/9 rate jump to 16.4 from last season's 13.9.  Also the explosive speed has not been there either as Gordon has 17 steals in 274 at-bats which is a season pace that would be well below the 58 he stole the  year prior.  Clearly one can make the argument the non-chemically enhanced Gordon is back to being mediocre and outside of the steals, he really has not supplied helpful numbers to his already burned owners.  So going forward, Gordon is a guy you might want to avoid given the drastic drop in his numbers and also let this be a lesson that the juice makes players seem much more than they are capable of being. 


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