Monday, August 29, 2016


As I always do, the round-by-round analysis of the Fantasy Sports Boss PPR Fantasy Football Experts League Draft which took place Sunday.  I already shared my roster but this is how Round 1-2 went.

1.  Odell Beckham Jr (WR):  Yeah 9 out of 10 would go Antonio Brown but this owner cited Big Ben's injury habits and for the fact he owned Brown in another prime money league so he wanted to diversify.  Not the worst idea in the world too if you are in multiple money leagues.  Try to own different players so one injury to a key guy you have on both doesn't sink you.

2.  Antonio Brown (WR):  I waited all of two second to make this pick.  Could cacth 140 balls this season.  Pure insanity. 

3.  Julio Jones (WR):  The three top tier wideouts are off the board in the first three picks.  This is not your grandpa's fantasy football league anymore. 

4.  Dez Bryant (WR):  Yet another wideout but not the one I expected.  DeAndre Hopkins should have gone ahead of Bryant who is now without Tony Romo for 6-10 weeks.  While Dak Prescott seems capable, Bryant could struggle to put up WR 1 numbers. 

5.  DeAndre Hopkins (WR):  There we go.  Hopkins' amazing 2015 didn't get the hype it deserved as he went nuts with four truly awful QB's under center for the Houston Texans a year ago.  Now with the much more competent Brock Osweiler in town, Hopkins could go for 120/1,400/12.

6.  Todd Gurley (RB):  First running back goes off the board and I figured it was either Gurley or David Johnson.  The fact Gurley doesn't have two other capable runners looking for work on his team like Johnson does in Arizona made this the right choice.

7.  Brandon Marshall (WR):  Marshall is one of those guys you never not get your money's worth.  Ultra-durable and a reception machine, Marshall also is an impossible matchup near the red zone so he checks off all the boxes. 

8.  Lamar Miller (RB):  Everyone's favorite sleeper is Miller but a bit surprised he went over Johnson.  Still I think Miller is going to be a beast and he has an outside shot at being a fantasy football MVP.

9.  David Johnson (RB):  This is tremendous value for Johnson going toward the end of Round 1.  It just goes to show you how the wide receiver has become the "it" position to fill right away in PPR formats.  Johnson is set to do it all for the Cardinals this season and should be in the running himself for fantasy MVP.

10. Allen Robinson (WR):  So this makes it 7 wideouts in 10 first round picks with no quarterbacks.  I may not have agreed with the order but everyone did what they were supposed to do based on the format.


11. Cam Newton (QB):  You know someone just can't resist the urge to take the top fantasy football QB but at least this owner waited until Round 2.  I don't think Newton replicates his incredible 2015 numbers but I also don't think he will be that far from them.  Can't argue with the tremendous passing/running ability here but in this one-QB format, the value is not there to go with a passer this early. 

12. A.J. Green (WR):  I was hoping Green would land to me at the end of Round 2 but not shocked it didn't happen.  Green is going to be a very high target receiver this season as the Bengals lost Marvin Jones in free agency and Tyler Eifert is out until the end of September after ankle surgery.  Another guy you never are disappointed with.

13. Keenan Allen (WR):  Was going to take Allen too as his was on a crazy reception pace a year ago before suffered a kidney injury that ended his season early.  The Chargers will be playing catch-up a lot this season and that means a ton of slot throws to PPR machine Allen.

14. Amari Cooper (WR):  The receiver run continues on as now 10 of the 14 picks have been from that position.  This is a bit high for Cooper but I also think he will reach stardom very soon and likely in 2015 so I am all right with it.

15. Jordy Nelson (WR):  Nelson is coming back from injury so there is risk there but the guy is TD monster who will once again be the top target of QB Aaron Rodgers.  That is a good position to be in as a wideout. 

16. Adrian Peterson (RB):  In PPR formats like this, Peterson loses some appeal as he has never been a big receptions guy so going in Round 2 no shock.  The wheels eventually have to fall off here right? 

17. Doug Martin (RB):  Now we are getting into the running backs as the top wideouts are off the board.  Martin is like a younger Peterson in that he doesn't catch many footballs but boy can he run. 

18. Rob Gronkowski (TE):  Yes Gronk is always tempting but his injury history and the deecnt depth now at tight end make this a risk I wouldn't take. 

19. Le'Veon Bell (RB):  So a three-game suspension knocks Bell to the end of Round 2 where I couldn't resist him.  Three games is a lot right off the bat as there could be later injuries to further muddle this so this is not a slam dunk pick by any means.  Still as long as you got the first three weeks covered, then the payoff could be monstrous.

20. Devonta Freeman (RB):  Freeman is a tough call as Tevin Coleman is being forced onto the field by the front office of Atlanta that drafted him and he averaged less than 4.0 per carry from October onward which was a red flag.  Still Freeman can really catch the football so in this setup he is impactful. 

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