Sunday, August 28, 2016


The Fantasy Sports Boss took part in the 2016 Fantasy Football PPR Experts League Draft on Sunday and I drew the second overall pick in the 16-round draft.  As the defending champion, I was once again preparing to go wide receiver-heavy in this PPR format, and was centered on either Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham Jr.  So it was a nice surprise when the owner who picked first went with Beckham Jr. which allowed Brown to fall into my lap.  This owner cited the durability of Eli Manning compared to Ben Roethlisberger and for the fact he owned Brown in another PPR money league which meant he didn't want to be wed to the same top player in both.  So with Brown as the top anchor for my team, I was ready to wait awhile for pick number 2 at number 19 overall.  Names at the top of my target list included A.J. Green, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, and Keenan Allen.  So let's see how I did.

1.  Antonio Brown (WR)

2.  Le'Veon Bell (RB):  Shocked to see Bell drop to the end of Round 2 but the three-game suspension and risk of injury was the reason.  Also 7 of the 10 picks in Round 1 were wide receivers as these owners all had the same strategy in this PPR format.  I just couldn't pass on the value of Bell at the end of Round 2 but now I have to shift my strategy in terms of getting another prime back to overcome the three-game absence.

3.  Jamaal Charles (RB):  Charles dropped as well given his history of two ACL tears and age.  Still Charles has never averaged less than 5.0 yards per carry for a season and Andy Reid once again plans to use him heavily.  So with going RB-RB in Rounds 2-3, I have to really get in on a receiver as Marshall and Green were both picked before I took Bell and I accepted Jeffery and Allen won't return to me.

4.  Drew Brees (QB):  This is early for me to take a QB but Brees was the best value in this round and the New Orleans Saints playoff week schedule is as good as any in the league.  Again though I need that second wideout.

5.  Demaryuis Thomas (WR):  This is the first pick I didn't like to make. There is no question how good a wideout Thomas is but the Denver QB situation is as bad as any in the game.  Didn't want Thomas to be my WR 2 despite decent value to get him in Round 5.

6.  Jeremy Langford (RB):  Prime opportunity for Langford as the bellcow back for the Chicago Bears and he can both run and catch the football.  I can deal with Charles-Langford until Bell gets back.

7.  Jeremy Reed (TE):  Reed slipped here as well but there were only two tight ends picked by this point (Gronk and Greg Olsen) so the league was not in on this position until later.  Reed is as talented a tight end receiver as there is outside of Gronk but there is big injury risk here.

8.  Danny Woodhead (RB):  Believe it or not, Woodhead was the fifth highest scoring back in this league setup a year ago as he is a monster receiving back.  The Chargers play from behind a lot so Woodhead will likely clean up in garbage time again.  I now have four backs and need to still get a third wideout and a backup QB.

9.  Eli Manning (QB):  Love having the durable Manning as my backup and I can even stream him when Brees has a tough matchup as Eli has been money the last two seasons under the Ben McAdoo offense.

10. Michael Crabtree (WR):  Ugh.  Hate my wideouts behind Brown which is something I will work on.  I have never owned Crabtree and am not a fan with his injury history and inconsistent production.  Crabtree had his best season in 2015 but it is likely Amari Cooper will be the main receiver for the Oakland Raiders this season.

11. Chris Hogan (WR):  I will be the first to admit I reached by more than a little here.  This is me banking on the Pats either cutting Danny Amendola or giving Hogan his spot in the team's wideout hierarchy.  I love the PPR sleeper ability of Hogan who had a big preseason so far and if Julian Edelman gets hurt again, he could take off quickly.

12. Matt Jones (RB):  The league as a whole was way down on Jones and his outlook and I agree with this.  I think Jones is a paper tiger but in Round 12 the chance of him being the starter made him the best pick to make at this point.  With five running backs, I am well-stocked now.

13. Minnesota (DEF):  Wanted the Kansas City or Carolina defense but both got picked the previous round.  Went with Minnesota who finished strongly a season ago and have big pieces up and down the 1-man group.

14. Tyler Eifert (TE):  Didn't think this one through as Eifert has the same bye week as Jordan Reed but the value was tremendous here.  What I learned in this league is that injured players drop far and Eifert became a forgotten man once everyone had their starter.  Trade bait.

15. Corey Coleman (WR):  Another upside wide receiver this late which could help make up for my team's main weakness.

16. Steven Haushka (K):  Last round for the kicker and I got a good one in Haushka who kicks indoors and gets a lot of chances on this offense.

So this is how it ended up:

QB-Drew Brees
WR-Antonio Brown
WR-Demaryuis Thomas
WR-Michael Crabtree
RB-Le'Veon Bell
RB-Jamaal Charles
TE-Jordan Reed
K-Steven Haushka

QB-Eli Manning
RB-Jeremy Langford
RB-Danny Woodhead
RB-Matt Jones
WR-Corey Coleman
WR-Chris Hogan
TE-Tyler Eifert

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  1. It's funny, you can put down a player for months then get "forced" to draft him. I love Thomas at that price. Peyton stunk last year, arguably he could be a lot better this year. You're quite stacked. After Langford dominates early season carries, you'll be in prime position to trade him + Eifert + Woodhead for a top 10 WR. I like what you did, assuming this is a 12 team league.