Wednesday, August 31, 2016


We are up to Rounds 5 and 6 as I continue to share the pick-by-pick selection during the 2016 Fantasy Sports Boss Fantasy Football PPR Experts League.

Round 5

41. Latavius Murray (RB):  Could be decent value here as Murray is a rare bell cow back that is usually not available this late in the draft.  His 2015 was very ordinary and lacked big plays but Murray has every chance to improve this season and he has 50-catch potential.

42. Demaryuis Thomas (WR):  I shared my displeasure of making this pick but Thomas was the best of the remaining wideouts.  The QB situation is quite disturbing but again Thomas did go for 100-plus catches last season with the worst QB in the game in 2015 in Peyton Manning playing the majority of the games.  I guess in Round 5 this is not bad for a guy who is a slam dunk WR 1 with even a competent passer under center.

43. C.J. Anderson (RB):  Like with Latavius Murray, not bad value in getting a bell cow back in the fifth round.  After I correctly called Anderson a bust waiting to happen prior to 2015, he redemmed himself with a big postseason that got him back into the starter's role for 2017. 

44. Travis Kelce (TE):  I prefer Jordan Reed and Greg Olsen over Kelce but this is still a very good pick.  The problem for Kelce is that he has a QB in Alex Smith who doesn't take chances down the field and that limits his overall upside. 

45. Jeremy Maclin (WR):  Maclin has become quite boring to draft but he was very solid in his first season with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2016.  Again Alex Smith is a problem but Maclin looks like a solid low-end WR 2/3/.

46. T.Y. Hilton (WR):  Not a fan of Hilton and that remains as he is way too streaky and doesn't have the big reception numbers for a PPR league.

47. DeMarco Murray (RB):  Yes he has had a nice season and gets a fresh start in Tennessee but I hate this pick.  Murray has to contend with rookie Derrick Henry who will play and more than a little and he may not be the goal-line back.  No thank you.

48. Greg Olsen (TE):  Olsen should have gone over Travis Kelce but whatever.  Olsen is durable and always gets his numbers so this is a very good pick in Round 5. 

49. Tom Brady (QB):  Interesting.  Brady is down four games but he is a sure fire top five fantasy QB when on the field.  You also have to think that Brady will return all ticked off and ready to light up defenses.  Now this owner just needs to back this pick up with a solid starter for the first month.

50. Rashad Jennings (RB):  Worst pick of the draft so far.  No way in heck Jennings should go in Round 5 and that goes for even if he gets the majority of carries for the New York Giants as we expect to happen.  He is involved in a four-headed RB attack and the offense line is a joke.

Round 6

51. Golden Tate (WR):  I like Tate in PPR formats as he has shown he can put up big reception numbers the last two seasons and now there are a lot more receptions to go around with the retirement of Calvin Johnson. 

52. Kirk Cousins (QB):  This owner did his homework as he backed up Brady with Cousins who has a ridiculosuly appetizing slate of poor to awful defenses the first month of the season.  Well done.

53. Carlos Hyde (RB):  Hyde is already hurt as he is dealing with a concussion and he has missed a bunch of games his first two years in the league.  Plus he lasted this long due to the fact he simply doesn't catch the football.  I hate guys such as this in PPR.

54. Marvin Jones (WR):  Love this pick as Jones could be a double-digit TD guy right away in Detroit as the big-play wideout on the team and he also could go over 80 catches real easy.  I wanted him at the end of the round as well but tough for me.

55. Carson Palmer (QB):  The offense is absolutely loaded with a tremendous trio of wideouts and a pass-receiving back in David Johnson but Palmer has a long history of knee injuries to worry about.  If you go with Palmer, be sure to give him a top backup.

56. Thomas Rawls (RB):  Not a fan of Rawls at all and think there stands a good chance Christine Michael is the main ballcarrier this season.  Also Rawls doesn't catch the football so he is liabilty in this format.

57. Ryan Mathews (RB):  Yes there are certain to be games missed with injury but Mathews also has little competition for carries in the Philly backfield.  While he is active, Mathews could be a nice RB 2.

58. Randall Cobb (WR):  I like Cobb as a good bounce back guy now that Jordy Nelson has returned.  Not having Nelson available to draw defenders away really hurt Cobb last season but he could go right back over the 80-catch mark this season with his counterpart back.

59. Jeremy Langford (RB):  Again I needed another starting back with Le'Veon Bell suspended the first three weeks and I liked Langford the best of who was remaining.  While Langford is far from a given, he has been used as a bell cow back this summer and showed a year ago he can run and catch.

60. Kelvin Benjamin (WR):  Benjamin has struggled this summer getting back into the lineup after missing all of 2015 with an ACL injury but the guy is way too talented to not be at least a WR 2.  Nice value.


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