Tuesday, August 23, 2016


By Eric C. Wright

-The concussion suffered by Dallas Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant in practice on Tuesday was a subtle reminder that there is quite a bit of risk involved in drafting the star wideout and not all of it is through his doing.  While the team is saying Bryant will be fine for Week 1, the fact his 2015 was a mess due to a broken foot suffered in the opener and some other ailments along the way speak to his fragility.  In addition, a huge portion of Bryant's impact is tied into the health of QB Tony Romo and we all know that is no given.  When Romo went down with the broken collarbone for the second time last season, Bryant was a virtual non-factor and that is a big thing to concern yourself with if you weight an investment.  We have said to avoid both Bryant and Demaryuis Thomas this season as WR 1 ability wideout who will likely not match what it will cost at the draft table and we stand by that line of thinking. 

-Arian Foster was brutal in his debut with the Miami Dolphins last week as he rushed for -5 yards on two carries but head coach Adam Gase plan on giving the veteran a decent workload in the all-important third preseason game this weekend.  Foster has to prove he can be an effective runner to go with his excellent receiving skills and one thing to keep in mind is that he struggled on that front before tearing his Achilles last season.  Jay Ajayi has not done anything to put heat on Foster though so the latter looks like a decent enough RB 2 in PPR formats and much less in standards to start off the season.

-Breshad Perriman is not going to play in Week 1 by the looks of things and the guy is seriously starting to earn a fragility reputation.  Steve Smith Sr. will likely continue to dominate receptions from Joe Flacco and the Ravens also are well-stocked with good receiving tight ends so there may not be much to go around for Perriman even when he does get back playing. 

-Alfred Morris has been by far the best back for the Dallas Cowboys this season but Zeke Elliott is expected to get a high amount of carries in the team's third preseason game.  Elliott is still likely to start in Week 1 but remember that the Cowboys brought in the still young Morris to get a decent amount of carries so this may not as settled a backfield as one might think.  We have said from the beginning that we don't like going with any rookie back in Round 1 as we have seen plenty of busts under that scenario and Elliott may not be the lock star that many are predicting.  Just remember it was us who said starting in Round 2 to go with the rookie.

-Finally still no word on what is wrong with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski but either way team sources are saying he will be fine for Week 1.  Keep Martellus Bennett close by. 

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