Thursday, August 11, 2016


Gary Sanchez:  4/5 with his first HR while hitting .324.  If you haven't alread picked up Sanchez like I told you to do when he got promoted, it is likely too late.  The only thing more sought after on the wire than a young stud hitting catcher is a young stud hitting shortstop. 

Didi Gregorious:  2/5 with his 14th HR while hitting. 286.  While he frustratingly doesn't run as much as his speed would suggest, it surely looks like all of the pieces fell into place for this talent in 2016.  Gregorious is hitting like a Troy Tulowitzki-light with the power and that alone makes him quite impressive.  Admittedly I was not much of a fan due to the lack of speed but props for sure.

Freddie Freeman:  2/3 with 2 home runs (21 for season) while hitting .280.  What a nice season Freeman is having as he is set to record a career-high in home runs as he taps into his prime.  Only 48 RBI shows how bad the lineup protection has been which is a subject quite frankly I am tired of talking about. Matt Kemp was a nice start but we need to see more.  As far as the player himself is concerned, Freeman is back on track as a top first base option. 

Chris Carter:  1/4 with his 26th HR while hitting .217.  Surprised Carter is still in Milwaukee but the limitations are obvious here.  In NL-only formats you can live with the ugly average considering the power but Carter is just a home run specialist. 

Mike Trout:  1/4 with his 18th SB while hitting .312.  Trout on pace for his most steals since his first few seasons in the league after looking totally uninterested in that stat in 2014 and 2015.  Icing on the cake for sure for the first overall pick.

Addison Russell:  1/4 with his 13th HR while hitting .243.  The power grades out well at shortstop of course as Russell has one fewer then Gregorious but the average is so much lower.  That is the big problem with Russell since he too doesn't run and that needs to improve to make him more than a prospect name at a weak position. 

Jason Hammel:  7 IP 4 H 0 ER 2 BB 6 K with an ERA of 2.90.  On of the bigger surprises this month is that Hammel has not done a Scott Kazmir summer fade, which was a club he was a charter member of.  The bottom could always fall out at a monent's notice considering the track record though so take him start-by-start.

Troy Tulowitzki:  2/3 with his 19th HR while hitting .248.  Yeah Tulo is now Addison Russell with a bit more power.  Not such a good thing. 

Melvin Upton Jr.:  1/3 with 3 steals (23 for season) while hitting .244.  Upton has predictably not hit much after switching leagues in the middle of the season (very tough to do even for veterans) but the steals remain potent in his solid comeback campaign. 

J.A. Happ:  6 IP 4 H 0 ER 2 BB 7 K with an ERA of 2.96.  Every time Happ does this, I picture him giving the entire Fantasy Sports Boss staff the finger.  Which really he would be doing to the entire industry as he never showed anything near this type of ability before. 

Edwin Jackson:  7 IP 2 H 0 ER 3 BB 7 K with an ERA of 4.19.  He is baaacckkkkk!  My goodness has Jackson played for every team yet?  I mean he is in San Diego and Petco Park and always has had strikeout stuff.  We have seen worse. 

Francisco Lindor:  1/4 with his 14th RH while hitting .305.  Lindor is a real gem and what is crazy is that he is having the better overall season than Carlos Correa yet the latter got all the love at the draft table. 

Jayson Werth:  2/3 with his 15th HR while hitting .253.  Those in NL-only formats can still find a place for Werth whose power is holding steady and he is hitting near the top of the lineup.

Josh Tomlin:  7 ER in 4 IP with an ERA of 4.18.  Two brutal beatings recently now for Tomlin as his numbers go to where they should.  Remember guys who don't strike batters out at a decent clip in the AL is always asking for trouble. 

Robinson Cano:  2/4 with his 25th HR while hitting .297.  It is like he never left the Yankees.  I guess the ballpark was never the factor and instead whatever stomach ailment Cano had fixed that immediately started this hitting up midway through 2015. 

Nelson Cruz:  3/4 with his 28th HR while hitting .285.  Who knew Seattle was now the home to the slugger.

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