Sunday, August 14, 2016


Jung-Ho Kang:  2/2 with his 12th HR while hitting .237.  Fears of Kang being a major batting avergae liability when he came over a year ago have been realized.  Could be some distraction here as Kang has gotten himself involved in some off-the-field trouble but the home runs have to continue to go out for him to be worth using on a daily basis.

Joc Pederson:  3/5 with his 17th HR while hitting .250.  Really reaching the point where I don't even want to type anything about this severely limited and ultimately disappointing outfielder.

Brandon Moss:  1/4 with his 20th HR while hitting .257.  Of course Moss would go back to being the useful player he was in 2014 before bombing out in 2015.  He signed as a free agent in St. Louis where nothing goes wrong.

Jedd Gyrko:  1/3 with his 17th HR while hitting .247.  Take out Moss' name above and put in Gyorko's and the same deal applies.

Addison Russell:  2/2 with his 14th HR while hitting .247.  Nothing else to add here that hasn't already been said.  Average needed if no steals.

Randal Grichuk:  1/4 with his 14th HR while hitting .220.  Yes it was his only hit of the game.

Kyle Hendricks:  7 IP 5 H 2 ER 0 BB 12 K with an ERA of 2.19.  I mean who does Hendricks think he is in 2016.  The 2015 version of Jake Arrieta?  Insanity reigns here as Hendricks has been the definition of ridiculous.

Wil Myers:  1/4 with his 23rd HR while hitting .276.  Myers is another guy who has earned the good graces of yours truly after being a bum for awhile.  Can't ague with this power in Petco Park of all places and he runs more than I also anticipated.  That works.

Jacob DeGrom:  7 IP 3 H 1 ER 1 BB 9 K with an ERA of 2.30.  DeGrom's ERA has been in the mid-2.00 range as a starter for all of 2015 and most of this season despite consistent velocity trouble in 2016.  He is not universally accepted as a fantasy baseball ace for some reason but he is every bit of that and more.

Ryan Braun:  2/5 with his 20th HR while hitting .323.  Like with the just retired Alex Rodriguez, the real shame with Ryan Braun is that you never know if anything he does is legit.

Eugenio Suarez:  2/5 with his 19th HR while hitting .240.  April was the clear high mark for Suarez in 2016 as he has barely hit .200 since.

Jason Coates:  2/4 with his first HR while hitting .172.  The average is all you need to know here in regards to whether or not to make a play.

Martin Prado:  2/5 with his 7th HR while hitting .322.  Do yourself a favor and save a late round pick for the veteran Prado in 2017.  The guy is guaranteed to help your average and also counting stats due to good durability.  It is unheralded and consistent producers like this that help you win leagues.

Giancarlo Stanton:  3/5 with his 25th HR while hitting .244.  It is likely Stanton will be out Sunday as he tweaked a groin late in the game.  Once again the total sum of his nagging injuries are keeping Stanton from reaching 40 homers.  Will it ever happen?

Mike Cleavenger:  5.2 IP 1 H 1 ER 4 BB 3 K with an ERA of 5.81.  Danny Salazar is getting close to returning so Cleavenger had only one start more at best to build on this.  Really nothing to see here.

Matt Boyd:  7 IP 2 H 0 ER 2 BB 3 K with an ERA of 4.16.  Great outing here by Boyd but he remains just an AL-only play or an option in deep mixers if you don't have an innings cap.

Brandon Belt:  1/5 with his 14th HR while hitting .278.  Ordinary numbers from Belt after a big April and we have now reached the point where he is what he is and that is just a UTIL or CIT bat.

Madison Bumgarner:  7 IP 3 H 0 ER 3 BB 8 K with an ERA of 2.11.  With Clayton Kershaw unlikely to pitch again this season, one can argue that this is the best pitcher in all of fantasy baseball.  As a guy who was in on this gem before most others, I agree.

Brian Dozier:  2/4 with his 25th HR while hitting .266.  Wow Dozier is still climbing with the average which is always a nice surprise.  Can't argue with the power which has been tremendous for a second baseman and the average boost makes up for the drop in steals if Dozier can sustain it. 

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