Monday, August 22, 2016


 Robert Griffin III a sleeper?  A sleeper endorsed by the Fantasy Sports Boss?  The same Fantasy Sports Boss who has torn Griffin to shreds and almost permanently placed him on the BUST list?  Yes that's me and yes Griffin is a draft sleeper for 2016 fantasy football?  I always have the right to change my mind about a player and I also subscribe to the strategy where EVERY player has value at a certain price.  Now that Griffin's draft price can't get any lower off his spectacularly pathetic performances the last couple of seasons in his disastrous end to his Washington Redskins tenure, the time has come to get back into the game with the still young passer.  I bring up to you the fantasy baseball case of Baltimore Orioles first baseman Mark Trumbo.  As anyone who has been a habitual reader of mine going back ten-plus, years, Trumbo was a guy I ripped from here to eternity during his Arizona, Los Angeles, and especially Seattle days.  While many in the fantasy baseball community liked Trumbo for his position versatility and big power, I on the other hand hated the ghastly average and streakiness.  Fast forward to 2016 and I went the other way on Trumbo as he went from spacious Safeco Field in Seattle to the home run haven in Baltimore the previous winter.  With Trumbo's draft price in the toilet off a pathetic 2015, I was now on board with the slugger given the new home park and very affordable price.  The result has been a massive value as Trumbo has been among the home run leaders in the game as he sits with 36 as of this writing and it was yours truly who got him in the Experts League.  Such a scenario is now unfolding with Griffin who gets the always promising "fresh start" in Cleveland and his preseason play has been very good.  Throw in the fact that Griffin quietly has a very good stable of pass receivers and things look very promising.  About those receivers?  Griffin inherits 2015 breakout tight end Gary Barnride, plus big and talented rookie Corey Coleman who looks like a star.  Also Griffin gets incredible but troubled talent Josh Gordon back in Week 5 and we all know the latter is a WR 1 when he is on the field.  Throw in the emerging conversion of Tyrell Pryor from QB to receiver plus pass-catching back Duke Johnson and you can understand the appeal.  Those in two-QB formats should be especially interested in Griffin and even in single-passer leagues, he has appeal as a top backup.  Get back on board. 

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