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By Michael E. Keneski
As always when the weather begins to heat up, the process of turning your full attention to the approaching fantasy football season gets underway en masse.  Like with any venture, figuring out where to begin is key.  When it comes to fantasy football, formulating cheat sheets and perfecting rankings is usually a good way of cutting through the muck but there are also some key questions which need to be answered before diving in with that first draft pick.  As we do every year in this space, here are ten of the more pressing questions that simply need to be answered before the start of Round 1.
1.  So who gets the title of being the consensus number 1 pick for 2016?
A:  This was not an easy question to answer a year ago at this time as the two-game suspension to begin the 2015 season put a decent knock on Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell’s value.  Without the suspension Bell would have been the slam-dunk top choice in any format.   Since Bell was already going to have two games erased from his ledger, some other candidates found themselves going number 1 in more than a few leagues such as fellow backs Eddie Lacy and Jamaal Charles; plus QB Aaron Rodgers, and wideout Antonio Brown.  As it turned out, only Brown would have been worth that lofty spot as Lacy was arguably the biggest bust of the season, Charles tore up his knee, and Rodgers saw his numbers dip a bit without Jordy Nelson. 
As we look to 2016, Bell is back in the mix as the number 1 overall choice, especially in PPR formats due to his extreme receiving/running ability.  However Bell continues to frustrate with injuries which means he has some clear red flags attached to his name as he recovers from PCL and MCL tears in his knee.  Staying in the running back tier, some would argue Arizona’s David Johnson is worth a look but we need to see more before he moves into such a lofty spot.  Again in PPR formats, Brown certainly makes the grade as his receiving numbers are simply insane.  Finally, Rodgers and even Cam Newton are possible as the top pick but in single-QB formats the best strategy is to wait and grab a more affordable value play such as Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, or Matt Ryan. 
So are we hedging here?  Not really as we would go with Brown as the top guy but honestly this is not a year you want the number one choice.  The value lies in the middle-to-late rounds as there are more than a few comparable options to those who will go in the top five. 
2.  Q:  Who else should make up the remaining first round picks in a standard 1-QB format?
A:  In addition to Brown and Bell, we also think the following players should comprise the remainder of the first round:  Rodgers, Newton, Odell Beckham Jr., Adrian Peterson, David Johnson, Julio Jones, Rob Gronkowski, Todd Gurley, Doug Martin, and Ezekiel Elliott.  You can argue against Martin and Elliott but the other ten seem like consensus choices.  We went with Elliott due to his monster potential both in the receiving and running game and Martin due to his status as the clear primary runner for his team. 
3.  Q:  Last year the first round of most drafts were filled with an unprecedented amount of busts.  Who among the consensus top 12 for 2016 stand as the greatest risks to avoid?
A:  There is no denying the fact that 2015 drafts were an utter disaster for many in Round 1.  Consider the following names who mostly went among the first 12 picks and then ultimately went bust through poor play or injury:  Andrew Luck, Eddie Lacy, Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte, Jordy Nelson, DeMarco Murray, and Le’Veon Bell.  That was more than HALF of the first round and getting it wrong with your top pick in fantasy football drafts is about as big a setback as you are going to get.  

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