Thursday, July 21, 2016


Lost of news items to get to concerning 2016 fantasy football so let's get right to it:

-The biggest story of the day no doubt concerns the meeting between NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and suspended Cleveland Browns star wideout Josh Gordon.  While details of the meeting are scare, the fact Goodell took the meeting with Gordon at least signifies there could be a piece of common ground regarding an eventual return to the game.  Gordon of course was suspended for all of 2015 due to ongoing failed drug tests and it is almost impossible to imagine him playing more than half the games in 2016 as Goodell unlikely will allow him to play that much.  Still we all have to come back to the fact that Gordon is a top tier fantasy football receiver capable of monster numbers on a week-to-week basis no matter who his QB is.  At the very least, those drafting right now should use a late round pick on Gordon as the payoff could be huge in the playoff weeks if he returns. 

-We have already spoken about the prevelance of running back timeshares this season and situations to avoid such as in Chicago and in New York with the Giants.  Well it looks like you can add the Jets to that grouping as reports continue to circulate that the team will use a three-man system split between Matt Forte, Bilal Powell, and Khiry Robinson.  Details are starting to emerge in terms of Forte being the first and second down back, while Powell operates on third down where he excelled a year ago.  Also Robinson is possible in line to be the goal-line big back which really throws this entire situation into chaos.  Forte has the most value of the three as he figures to start and get the most carries but with Powell playing on third down, his always strong reception totals could go way down and Robinson poaching TD's could hurt his value to the point of putting him barely as a RB 2.  Forte has bust written all over him. 

-Contrary to one silly report, David Johnson will be the starting running back for the Arizona Cardinals this season.  Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington remian to poach some carries but Johnson is expected to get about 75 percent of the workload which should garner him easy first round numbers. 

-Cincinnati Bengals wideout A.J. Green could be in line for a career-year as Marvin Jones bolted to Detroit, Mohamud Sanu to Atlanta, and tight end Tyler Eifert will likely miss a few games coming back from surgery.  Green and QB Andy Dalton have always had big chemisty and his ace status as a top fanasy football wideout seems certain. 

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