Friday, June 24, 2016


With it now being reported on a widespread basis that the New York Mets will reunite with former star shortstop Jose Reyes, now would be a good time to check back in on him to see if he can still be useful in fantasy baseball terms.  While Reyes is expected to need a few weeks of tuning up in the minors when he does sign with the Mets, he is slated to be the team's THIRD BASEMAN and leadoff batter.  Having just turned an aging 33 and with a long history of leg injuries in his rearview mirror, by now we all know that Reyes has dealt more with off-the-field trouble then anything he has done on it.  Of course we are referring to the domestic violence incident last Halloween where Reyes reportedly hit his wife.  While no charges were filed, Rob Manfred sat Reyes down for 51 games and the Colorado Rockies in turn wanted no part of him coming back to the team.  With the Mets in desperate need of offense after losing David Wright, Lucas Duda, and Travis D'Arnaud to injury, there was certainly a major need for runs which Reyes has always been good at creating. 

Digging into the current version of Jose Reyes, he is no doubt FAR from the former first round monster that won a batting title and also stole more than 60 bases in a given season as a five category stud.  In fact given the influx of shortstop help this season such as Aledmys Diaz, Jonathan Villar, and Trevor Story, Reyes may not even be daily league worthy.  Be that as it may, the gun can still run as he swiped 24 bags in 2015 in a season split between the Toronto Blue Jays and Colorado Rockies.  Reyes also can hit a few home runs, score a high number of runs leading off for the Mets, and hit around .280.  That is still a very decent amount of numbers but again keep in mind the age and Reyes' very checkered injury history.  It is very likely Reyes will get injured again, especially after being on the pine for so long.  Those in NL-only formats should absolutely pick up Reyes but in mixed leagues you can add him just as a bench bat. 

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