Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Here we go.  Going back to January when I first started previewing the 2016 fantasy baseball season, I gushed over how awesome a pitcher New York Mets fireballer Noah Syndegaard was and how he could easily jump right into being a top ten guy right out of the gate once the regular season got underway.  However whenever I wrote about Syndegaard, I always made it a point to talk about the giant elephant in the room which was his classic makeup and susceptibility to Tommy John elbow surgery.  It has been more than proven now that young pitchers under the age of 27 who throw very hard stand a very good chance to needing Tommy John surgery at one point and one only had to look at Syndegaard's rotation mates to see this in living color as Steven Matz, Matt Harvey, and Jacob DeGrom all have had the procedure already and all fell under those standards.  Up to this point in the season though, Syndegaard did nothing but light up radar guns with his 100-mph fastball as he struck out scores of batters and put up miniscule ratios with top control.  In other words Syndegaard was the total pitching package.  He was pushed back a day going into his Wednesday start though coming off a 115-pitch outing his last time out but the thinking and the Mets' argument was that he needed just another day of rest off such a taxing day.  Well Syndegaard went out on Wednesday and didn't look like himself as his fastball sat in the mid-90's instead of his customary upper 90's and he gave up a bunch of hits to a Kansas City Royals team  he dominated his first start of the season.  Now we get word that Syndegaard will have an MRI and meet with Dr. David Altchek due to coming down with elbow soreness during the outing which has sent alarms going off everywhere.  With Matt Harvey lacking velocity and struggling all season and Steven Matz having a few elbow scares of his own already, the long slog to the World Series with a young rotation has certainly taken a toll on the team's pitching staff.  Breaths have to be held here as Syndegaard is in major danger of needing Tommy John.  I have said this was a strong possibility all season long and also mentioned this is the risk you signed up for when you drafted him.  Stay tuned. 

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  1. That's a tough loss. I've heard around town that Harvey is a bit of a party animal and he's got his head in the clouds a bit between the women and the booze. I wonder if it's part of the rough year.