Friday, June 3, 2016


1.  Paul Goldschmidt
2.  Miguel Cabrera:  Been absoutely on fire to finish out May and thus bring back memories of his number 1 overeall past. 
3.  Anthony Rizzo:  Some batting average issues a bit concerning but otherwise numbers are pretty much where they should be now with two months of the season in the past. 
4.  David Ortiz:  You can argue that Ortiz has been the most valuable fantasy baseball first base-eligible player in the game this season.  The numbers back it up. 
5. Eric Hosmer:  It took awhile but what we are seeing out of Hosmer and his five category contributions are why we went so hard after him the last four years.  What a hitter. 
6.  Edwin Encarnacion
7.  Mark Trumbo:  Been one of the best value plays in fantasy baseball in moving from Seattle to an offensive haven in Baltimore.  I called this one. 
8.  Chris Davis
9.  Jose Abreu:  We discussed Abreu at length the other day so scroll down for the piece.  BABIP luck he got first two years so far not repeating which is why the average is nasty. 
10.  Adrian Gonzalez
11. Joey Votto:  Votto is way too good a hitter to keep carrying around a sub-.240 mark.  Look for a big second half. 
12. Buster Posey
13. Freddie Freeman
14. Victor Martinez
15. Stephen Piscotty:  Yes Piscotty is first base eligible and his numbers look like Eric Hosmer's.  Was in love with him from the start as you all know.  This is why.
16. Daniel Murphy:  Yeah Murphy's numbers with the increased power work anywhere. 
17. Wil Myers
18. Albert Pujols
19. Brandon Belt
20. Travis Shaw:  Has done nothing but hit since entering the major and after being just a moderate prospect.  Classic late bloomer. 
21. Jonathan Lucroy
22. Matt Holliday
23. Hanley Ramirez
24. Matt Adams 
25. Mike Napoli
26. Justin Bour
27. Ryan Zimmerman
28. Steve Pearce
29. Joe Mauer
30. Lucas Duda
31. Brian McCann
32. Adam Lind 
33. Prince Fielder
34. Mark Teixeira
35. Kendrys Morales
36. Carlos Santana
37. Brandon Moss
38. Byung-Ho Park
39. Ryan Howard
40. Mitch Moreland
41. Tyler White

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