Saturday, June 18, 2016


1.  Manny Machado:  Qualifies at short in some leagues and every category has seen monster production outside of steals where Machado still somehow has a zero. 
2.  Xander Bogaerts:  Yeah Bogaerts has now graduated into a star as he is putting up a batting title number for the second time in three seasons and both his home run and steals rate are on the upswing. 
3.  Corey Seager:  Like with Jung-Ho Kang, Seager has hit a slew of home runs since coming off the disabled list to begin the season.  Kid is the new Troy Tulowitzki.  
4.  Carlos Correa:  No doubt all Correa owners were expecting monster first round numbers after his incredible 2015 debut and first round price tag this winter.  Alas the sophomore slump spares few. 
5.  Jonathan Villar:  Amazing that we have not one but TWO monster value stories at shortstop with Eduardo Nunez and Jonathan Villar.  Villar in particular is an incredible story as he couldn't hit a lick with the Houston Astros and throughout his minor league career until the light bulb began to go off a year ago.  Already regarded as a supreme steals guy, Villar is now adding some power for his new trick.  Consider the position scarcity, this guy could be the value play of the season. 
6.  Ian Desmond:  After an April adjustment period in switching leagues, Desmond is really enjoying life hitting in a launching pad in Texas.  Better yet, he has improved all of his rate stats which have allowed him to bat .300 and he is running again.  Nothing but positives in Desmond's last go-round as a fantasy baseball shortstop. 
7. Francisco Lindor:  Shows you how deep shortstop all of a sudden is when you have a power/speed and .300 hitter in Lindor ranked this low. 
8.  Trevor Story:  Big power here which was not a shock considering the location and Story's minor league numbers.  A high K rate though needs work. 
9.  Eduardo Nunez:  We keep waiting for a regression that doesn't seem to be coming.  Held back with the Yankees due to inconsistent playing time but boy has Nunez blossomed in 2016 by being an everyday guy.  Who knew? 
10. Jean Segura:  Clear case of a fresh start unleashing some old and impressive ability. 
11. Jung-Ho Kang:  Has pounded the baseball since coming off the disabled list and is showing the extreme power that made him a star in Korea.  Looks completely legit as an Americanized player. 
12. Aledmys Diaz:  Yet another value story at shortstop as Diaz took advantage of Jhonny Peralta's thumb injury to hit for power and average right out of the gate.  We are in June and he is still around .300. 
13. Troy Tulowitzki:  Never was a fan of the guy due to the fact he was always hurt and now he is always hurt and showing offensive leakage everywhere. 
14. Elvis Andrus:  Hitting a bit better this season but Andrus is still overrated.
15. Danny Espinosa:  The power is very solid but boy that average is gross.
16. Starlin Castro:  Another guy in his last season with shortstop eligiblity, Castro's nice start has devolved into more inconsistency. 
17. Jurickson Profar:  Liking what I am seeing so far from the prospect who faded way into the background with all his injuries. 
18. Eduardo Escobar:  Solid and helpful in a backup capacity. 
19. Brandon Crawford:  Can send some baseball out of the park but you get no speed here at all which is a problem in the middle infield.
20. Addison Russell:  Not liking what I am seeing out of Russell who is not taking the next step in his development as he continues to lug around a nasty average.
21. Alicides Escobar:  Once a fan due to the value but Escobar has really been a liability with his lack of hitting this season. 
22. Eugenio Suarez:  Has hit for very good power for a guy with shortstop eligiblity but the average is a disgrace. 
23. Zach Cozart:  Solid production from the underrated Cozart but he works best as a backup shortstop.
24. Marcus Semien:  Lacks plate discipline still which overshadows some power/speed skills.
25. Didi Gregorious:  Showing better overall hitting skills but Gregorious is barely worth owning.


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