Sunday, May 22, 2016


Lorenzo Cain:  2/3 with his sixth HR while hitting .271.  Considering that half of Cain's home runs came in one game, his power output has been minimal and the average disappointing to this point. 

Matt Wieters:  2/4 with his 4th HR while hitting .283.  There is a major buying opportunity at hand now with Wieters who is finally looking like his old top five fantasy baseball catcher self after missing pretty much the entire last two years.  There was a lot of rust to work off but Wieters looks like he has done so and his 20-plus home runs power has always been a big asset.

Kevin Gausman 6.2 IP 8 H 1 ER 1 BB 6 K with an ERA of 2.70.  Gausman has really done a nice job going back to last season with the O's and all it took was for him as well to cut back on the high heat and stop trying to strike everyone out.  That seems to be very en vogue right now around baseball with high-profile guys like Chris Sale and Gerrit Cole doing so as well. 

Matt Shoemaker:  7.1 IP 3 H 0 ER 0 BB 12 K with an ERA of 6.81.  I mean haven't we been down this road like a million and a half times with this guy already?  Shoemaker has an outing like this once every seven or eight starts and every time else he is getting pounded with home runs.  Stop with this foolish fantasy that he will ever be helpful more than one start a month.

Trayce Thompson:  1/4 with his 7th HR while hitting .281.  Told you all to pick up Thompson last week so now let's start the count on how many home runs you are going to miss out on.  And he can run too.

Alex Wood:  6 IP 4 H  ER 1 BB 13 K with an ERA of 4.03.  Once upon a time back before the 2014 season, I wrote a bunch of sleeper posts on this guy anticipating outings like this.  Two bombed out seasons later we get this finally.  Wood has been spectacularly bad at times during that ugly span so I of all people won't bite off one start but at least I can say he is heading in the right direction.  some consistency and we will talk more. 

Dexter Fowler:  3/5 with his 6th HR while hitting .324.  Fowler has been insane with the bat this season and it is almost like he realized he screwed up re-signing as a fourth outfielder with the Cubs and then injury gave him new fantasy baseball life which he is taking full advantage of.

Kris Bryant:  2/4 with his 9th HR while hitting. 282.  About two weeks ago I said Bryant looked about ready to launch and the other day I said something along the lines of him looking like he would start swatting 8-10 homers a month.  Yup and yup. 

Buster Posey:  2/4 with his 5th HR while hitting .274.  Don't you get the feeling with Posey that he is "just there?"

Jon Lester:  5 ER in 2.2 IP with an ERA of 2.60.  Honestly all Lester owners were waiting for this clunker as he had been way too dominant for way too long.  With that out of the way, the pursuit of the Cy Young continues. 

Jose Fernandez:  6 IP 4 H 1 ER 1 BB 9 K with an ERA of 3.02.  When Fernandez is not walking guys like he had in most of his outings prior to this one, he is impossible to deal with.  The movement on his stuff is beyond sickeing and puts Fernandez in the truly elite category.  If the non-walks continue like this start, look out baseball. 

Justin Bohr:  1/2 with his 8th HR while hitting .252.  Should have maybe ignored the struggling Adam Linb as the later round power gem and went with this guy. 

Elvis Andrus:  1/4 with his first HR while hitting .290.  Andrus hit a home run!  The end of times is near. 

Williams Perez:  6.1 IP 2 H 0 ER 1 BB 4 K with an ERA of 3.86.  Soft-tossing pitchers on a bad team like the Braves are not very good fantasy baseball investments despite the NL locale.  Perez has done a decent job thus far but he is more likely to be rocking an ERA approaching 5.00 with his rate stats then stay anywhere near where he currenly is. 

Jose Bautista:  1/3 with his 9th HR while hitting .231.  Bautista has gotten a spark with his power hitting leadoff and hey whatever works as he was pretty brutal before this stretch.  He is really getting up there in age now and we have been calling for his decline the last few seasons to no avail like with David Ortiz.  Remember though that power hitters tend to last longer and by a wide margin then speed guys.  Unless your name is Ryan Howard.

Michael Saunders:  1/4 with his 8th HR while hitting .315.  Let's flip/flop Bautista and Saunders in the lineup and all will be good.

Brian Dozier:  0/4 while hitting .204.  Nothing has gone right here all season and Dozier is beyond due for a Crisis Point.  I have been talking about this for years now though with Dozier in terms of his ridiculous K Rate making him a huge average liability.  Opposing pitchers have no reason to throw Dozier anything to drive at this stage and with him not even getting on base at a high clip, he can't run to offset the brutal average damage.  This is why I tell you every season to avoid average liability/high-K guys such as this. 

Tyler Chatwood:  6 IP 6 H 1 ER 2 BB 2 K with an ERA of 3.02.  Yup it came on the road.  With such a middling K rate, relying on a Colorado pitcher like this is a recipe for disaster anywhere Coors Field. 

Mookie Betts:  3/5 with 2 home runs (9 for season) while hitting .276.  A guy who was known at first for his average and speed is now hitting home runs at a high rate.  Commence drooling. 

Trevor Bauer:  5 IP 8 H 4 ER 2 BB 0 K with an ERA of 4.31.  For Bauer's next trick of massive infuration, he will make an effort not to strike anyone else out the rest of the season. 

Yadier Molina:  1/4 with his first HR while hitting .313.  Kudos to Molina who is still hitting for a very good average for a catcher but the power is completely shot here.  In two catcher formats Molina still works very good but in single you should have moved on prior to last season. 

Jedd Gyorko:  2/4 with his 5th HR while hitting .225.  Like a tiger can't change his stripes, an awful average power hitter can't change his statistical rates even if he switches teams. 

Mike Leake:  7 IP 4 H 0 ER 0 BB 3 K with an ERA of 4.07.  Leake is having a typical Mike Leake season.  Solid enough ERA, middling K rate, winning some games.  Rinse and repeat. 

Masahiro Tanaka:  7 IP 5 H 1 ER 2 BB 4 K with an ERA of 3.24.  Tanaka's WHIP is 1.05 and generally he has been tremendous for his fantasy baseball owners.  I am shocked the elbow has not blown out completely by now but keep in mind the drop in K rate since the tear was found is an indication that it is having an impact in a negative way to Tanaka's bottom line impact. 

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