Monday, May 30, 2016


In a power-packed 7-home run game between the Cincinnati Reds and Colorado Rockies on Sunday, it was oufielder Adam Duvall who stole the show as he cracked two of the longballs which increased his season total to 13 in two months of action in what is his rookie MLB campaign.  At 27-years-old and a former 11th round draft pick, Duvall took awhile to make his way to the majors and was never considered a big prospect whilc coming up the pipeline first in the San Francisco Giants organization and then with the Reds.  Duvall did get a look for 27 games last season with the Reds but the results were not overly impressive as he batted just .219 but with 5 home runs in 72 at-bats.  The home run rate was very good though and it hinted at what was to come this season where Duvall has become a very good value play for the Reds due to his power.  In fact Duvall has cracked 11 of his 13 home runs in May which puts him right at the top of baseball in that category for the month. 

So where did this come from and where do we go from here?  Well like we said in the previous paragraph, Duvall hinted at this kind of power with the Reds in 2015 and especially in the minors lats season as he went yard there a total of 30 times.  Clearly Duvall has big power and his tremendous offensive park in Cincy will continue to help in that area.  As far as the rest of his statistics are concerned, Duvall is batting .267 with 26 RBI, 22 runs, and 1 steal.  You can forget steals here as Duvall doesn't run much and his .267 is not looking sustainable due to his very high 29.4 percent K Rate.  Duvall also doesn't have much in the way of patience to ward off the expected average drop either as he walks in just 3.8 percent of his at-bats.  So in essence the guy is a power hitting specilist as the average should get nasty but home runs in today's game we all know are very previous.  Duvall is beocming more legit as a power hitter by the day and right now those who picked him up off waivers have a big value on their hands.  No one will buy him high due to the lack of name brand so if you own Duvall you are better off just riding his out and seeing where it takes you. 

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