Tuesday, May 17, 2016


These have been very challenging times over the last week or so for the New York Mets and that extended to the front office as GM Sandy Alderson called a press conference on Tuesday to discuss with reporters the progress of his ongoing cancer treatments.  While Alderson's plight is clearly of more importance, the Met roster is all of a sudden chock full of health-related question marks as the team looks to get back to the World Series.  The list is quite long and includes the most prime fantasy baseball names on the team outside of Yoenis Cespedes.  Let's get to all the carnage.

Steven Matz:  First let's get to some good news and that came in the form of an MRI showing no structural issues with the left pitching elbow of the oft-injured Steven Matz.  After truly dominating and pitching like an ace in winning five straight, Matz felt soreness in his elbow after his last outing which sent out a ton of alarms for a guy who already has a Tommy John and a torn lat muscle to his name.  Alas Matz only will have one start skipped and already is penciled in for a Friday return.  Good news for sure but it is a reminder of how fragile Matz is and things could get more scary as the innings pile up.  If you are a Matz owner in redraft leagues, it wouldn't be the worst idea to sell high when he comes back and puts a few big outings together. 

David Wright:  Uh-oh.  When the Met lineup came out for Tuesday, third baseman David Wright was expected to be at his usual spot after the team's day off on Monday.  Then it was discovered Wright was scratched as the team reported he was sitting due to soreness in his back.  That back of course fell victim to spinal stenosis a year ago and kept Wright out for pretty much the entire 2015 season before a late return.  Heading into 2016, the plan was for Wright to sit often and not play too many games in a row in order to minimize risk in the back which needs a full 2 HOURS of work before can even play in a game.  Clearly Wright is being impacted by the spinal stenosis and he likely will go on the DL as a result which of course is the worst case scenario.  The fact Wright only made it a month-and-a-half into the season with the back is a very bad sign going forward and his already minimal fantasy baseball value is pretty much gone.  In addition, Wright really might have to start answering questions to himself about whether or not he can continue as a major league ballplayer as he simply can't stay healthy.  Even in deep formats Wright should be let go.

Lucas Duda:  Speaking of back issues, it was a big shock to see first baseman Lucas Duda scratched himself from Tuesday's lineup since the Nats were throwing righty Max Scherzer but it was soon learned he was dealing with his own pain in the region.  Duda has his own history of back problems as he missed time last season with a flareup and this should be watched over the next few days.  Dudas is listed as day-to-day but count on him possibly missing the entire Nats season as the Mets play this cautiously. 

Throw in the ongoing pitching problems with Matt Harvey and Jacob DeGrom showing greatly reduced velocity and Noah Syndegaard having had tests on his elbow when he didn't feel right a fee weeks ago and one can see how troubling this all is right now. 


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