Monday, May 23, 2016


Monday was a very busy day for the injury blotter in fantasy baseball as some prime hitters and pitchers were diagnosed with their respective maladies that could have them out of commission for awhile.  As always let's get to the bottom of each and their fantasy baseball fallout:

Lucas Duda:  Perhaps the most serious injury of the day involved New York Mets slugging first baseman Lucas Duda who was found to have suffered a stress fracture in his back that will keep him out "awhile" according to manager Terry Collins.  Duda began experiencing pain in the back last week and after an aborted comeback try into the lineup, underwent the tests that revealed the fracture.  Obviously any back issue is a major problem for a hitter, especially one who swings as hard as Duda does.  Count on him missing at least a month and maybe more and with Duda not being especially impactful before the injury, you could argue whether or not he is worth keeping around.  An absolute brutal 1-for-25 against lefties this season, Duda is an average liability which hurts the impact some of his 25 home run bat.  Either way he won't be talked about much for awhile. 

Shin-Soo Choo:  It has been nothing but injury frustration for Texas Rangers outfielder Shin-Soo Choo who missed most of April and May with injury, only to come back for a short active stint before he went down again over the weekend.  This time it was a  strained left hamstring that sent Choo to the DL which will keep him out at least two weeks.  Delino Deshields Jr. is expected to take Choo's place in the lineup and this gives him a chance to make amends for his own brutal start to the season where he hit very little.  Anyone in needs of steals can give Deshields another try and Choo can safely be cut in all formats as he is nothing more than a poor average hitter who has zero speed left and moderate power. 

Jordan Zimmerman:  It was a Grade 1 groin strain that took down surprisingly tremendous Detroit Tigers SP Jordan Zimmerman over the weekend which at the very least will have his next outing skipped.  The Tigers don't think Zimmerman will need the disabled list but any missed start is a bummer considering how great he has been pitching with a sub-3.00 ERA despite going from the easier NL to the rougher AL. 

Kevin Kiermaier:  Kiermaier got some pub this spring when Sports Illustrated did a piece on how valuable he is due to his terrific defense and solid enough hitting.  Unfortunately Kiermaier didn't hit much at all before suffering a fractured left hand that requires surgery and will keep him out for 8-10 weeks.  Only those who are in AL-only formats are impacted by this but obviously Kiermaier needs to be cut loose. 

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