Monday, May 30, 2016


Well that was certainly an ugly stretch.  With even the Yahoo homepage and not the sports section running a headline story on the epically horrific stretch of non-hitting and pretyy much striking out in every at-bat frightfest of Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton, you know things are bad.  The carnage was 17 whiffs in only 7 games and going into Monday's action, Stanton was looking back at a .212 batting and some insane K numbers.  As we always do with the Crisis Point, let's dig in and find out whats up.

When it comes to Stanton and an ugly batting average, there is really no shock there for a guy who has annually posted K/9 rates over 25 percent each and every season he has been in the majors.  Just a .267 career hitter, Stanton has needed some lucky BABIP numbers to post usual numbers there such as when he hit .288 in 2014 that made many think he was ready to help in that category.  However Stanton was able to achieve that average due to a very lucky .353 BABIP and by 2015, he was back down to a more accurate .265.  However there is a big difference between .265 and .212 and one only has to look at the brutal 33.5 percent K/9 Stanton is walking around with.  Consider that last season Stanton was at 29.9 and in 2014 26.6.  A trend is starting to emerge here of Stanton becoming more and more of a hacker as he gets into his prime years and that is not where you want to see him go as a fantasy baseball owners.  With zero stolen bases this season after going for as many as 13 in the past, Stanton is starting to lose some of his overall picture of statistics.  This is not first round fantasy baseball material right now and Stanton's owners clearly are ticked off about his performance.

Now on the bright side, Stanton is still hitting for big power with 12 home runs and 26 RBI in two months of action.  That is a pace of 48 homers which would be a tremendous numbers to say the leaast with over 100-RBI.  Benchmarks you expected out of Stanton going into the season.  Overall though Stanton's average is taking shine off the power output and for the time being you have to wonder if all those beanings have taken a mental toll on his approach.  At the very least, this is no longer a first round bat. 

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