Saturday, April 23, 2016


With the first month of the 2016 fantasy baseball season almost in the rearview mirror, let's take a closer look at how the brand new updated catcher rankings looks.  Needless to say the position has been dreadful.

1.  Buster Posey:  Has battled some nagging injuries but Posey remains by far the best offensive player at the position. 
2.  Brian McCann:  Old reliable Brian McCann is hitting very well with a plus average and his customary power.  As underappreciated as one can get. 
3.  Salvador Perez:  By now it is clear Perez has aimed for the fences more at the expense of his past .300 batting average.  A trade-off we can accept at catcher more than anywhere else.
4.  Stephen Vogt:  The guy can clearly hit and hit for power but Vogt has to prove he won't wilt in the summer heat like he did in 2015. 
5.  Wellington Castillo:  Up to five home runs with a week to go in April which is a tremendous power pace for a backstop.  Another guy who is vastly underrated.
6.  Yadier Molina:  No power anymore but Molina continues to show great contact rates which allows him to be around the .300 average mark.
7.  Jonathan Lucroy:  Lucroy is quiet out of the gates but he should find himself in a new locale soon enough which should perk up his bat.
8.  Wilson Ramos:  Maybe THIS is the year Ramos lives up to the hype.  So far, so good.
9.  Jarrod Saltalamacchia:  The offensive production from the catching spot has been so beyond dreadful that Salty and his five home runs make the top ten despite not beginning the season as a starter. 
10. Travis D'Arnaud:  Another very slow start to the season for D'Arnaud which got him sent to the minors in 2014.  While that won't happen now, the Mets have Kevin Plawecki and his capable bat waiting. 
11. Francisco Cervelli:  Cervelli doesn't get much publicity but he has proven to be a guy capable of a .280-plus average but without much in the way of power.
12. Nick Hundley:  Concussion issues have interrupted things but Hundley showed in 2015 he can take advantage of his Coors Field surroundings. 
13. Russell Martin:  Martin looks like he went to complete garbage overnight and at his age we can't totally discount that.  We think the warmer weather and ballpark will get him going a bit soon enough but we had him as a bust candidate entering the season either way.
14. Devin Mesoraco:  All those spring home runs have not carried over into the season as Mesoraco is a mess. 
15. Matt Wieters:  Starting to hit and we all know a healthy Wieters can be a top five guy.
16. J.T. Realmuto:  Have a soft spot for Realmuto given his rare speed at the position but he is not hitting a lick/
17. Yan Gomes:  Yet another guy who missed a chunk of 2015 with injury who has yet to rediscover his 2014 skills. 
18. Miguel Montero:  Just another guy hanging around who is as boring as one can get.
19. Yasmani Grandal:  Love the power and overall offensive potential here but Grandal needs to keep himself on the diamond.
20. Derek Norris:  Been very disturbed how bad Norris has played going back to the midway point of 2015. 


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