Friday, April 15, 2016


Another week is in the books and thus it gives us another opportunity to check out which players are trending up and down in fantasy baseball.


Vinny Velasquez:  25 strikeouts in 15 innings pretty much says it all.  We saw the potential here over the winter in identifying Velasquez as a sleeper and his high K rate points to him being a front-line guy.  Keep in mind though Velasquez will encounter fatigue in late June or starting in July since he has not thrown a high amount of innings the last two years.

Jaime Garcia:  The veteran Garcia never really gets his due despite annual ERA's in the mid-3.00 range and a repertoire that goes deep in differing pitches.  The K rate is usually mediocre here so don't overhype the 13 K's in Thursday's start but as along as his body is holding up (which is not a given), Garcia figures on remaining a big asset.

Kevin Jepsen:  Shoulder trouble has felled veteran closer Glen Perkins and there is no word on whether he will be back when the 15 days are up.  Even before the Dl, Perkins was losing fastball velocity last season so this could be a long trial run for Jepsen at close.

Maikel Franco:  Already hitting .333 with 2 home runs as Franco is showcasing the advanced hitting approach we noted over the winter.  Good K rate+developing power=future star.  Or maybe present star. 


Byung-Ho Park:  A lot was made about the extreme power Park showed in the Korean League prior to his arrival in the States but we were publicly leery here given the propensity for strikeouts.  Park has gone right along with that assessment as he is hitting just .160 with 1 home runs and a crazy 13 strikeouts in just 25 at-bats.  You can't justify holding onto Park much longer. 

Alex Rodriguez:  It is starting to look like Rodriguez last hurrah was the first half of last season as he is hitting under .200 since the start of last August which has gone into the start of 2016. 

Miguel Sano:  Only 4-for-28 thus far as Sano was another guy we talked about in regards to a crazy high K rate that could make getting good pitches to hit a challenge.  Remember one of our trid and true methods for fantasy baseball success is to avoid guys with high K rates like this as they bring mroe trouble and frustration then they are worth. 

Adam Jones:  Just finally returned to the lineup after missing a week-plus with a sore oblique but hsi increasing injuries are a concern. 

Matt Harvey:  K rate is WAY down and the ERA is well over 4.00.  Could be seeing the typical "bounce" in Harvey's arm off such a hgih innings total last season. 

Travis D'Arnaud:  Could start losing playing time to Kevin Plawecki unless D'Arnaud starts hitting.  Always something with the enigmatic catcher. 

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