Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Eventually every player in fantasy baseball will become someone of interest to you.  You may absolutely abhor a certain pitcher or hitter but at some point in time his price can become so cheap that he becomes worth looking into.  This premise works for yours truly when it came to Baltimore Orioles outfielder/first baseman Mark Trumbo who was a guy I have ripped on this site too many times to count.  Through his early years in Arizona and through his disaster that was his Seattle stint, Trumbo was a personal piƱata in terms of killing him for his awful batting averages, high K rates, and overall limited game that centered just on his power.  After losing third base eligibility, Trumbo was even more undesirable.  However something funny happened during the winter when scores of big name pitchers and hitters switched teams.  It didn't get a ton of attention but Trumbo inked a deal with the Baltimore Orioles late in the Hot Stove season that instantly raised some eyebrows from this corner.  Trumbo was now moving back into a terrific offensive ballpark and especially one that is conducive to home run hitting which is the guy's main strength.  Knowing that Trumbo's name brand and overall draft value was sinking to career-low numbers, I senses a prime buy low opportunity at the 2016 draft table as a possible option for a UTIL or CI slot.  It turned out that Trumbo came dirt cheap at the Experts Draft as expected and so I then sat back and watched him go out and slam 5 home runs in just 46 at-bats with a scorching .386 batting average and 11 RBI.  Immersing himself into the middle of the potent Orioles lineup, Trumbo was well protected with guys like Adam Jones and Manny Machado batting around him.  Needless to say, Trumbo is killing it right now and he looks like a guy ready to go back to the 30-home run plateau for the price of peanuts.  Now the average clearly is headed for a big fall as Trumbo is carrying an extremely lucky .387 BABIP but he also is striking out in just 17.4 percent of his at-bats which if the season finished, would be a huge career-low.  The fact of the matter is that you are paying Trumbo for the power and at least there he is more than coming through.  We see Trumbo again going near the 30 home run and maybe 90-RBI mark in this loaded Orioles lineup and at UTIL/CI, he is looking like one of the best values of any position on the diamond this season. 

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