Tuesday, April 12, 2016


It is the biggest question already vexing owners of instant star Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story who just got done smacking his 7th home runs in his 28th at-bats of the season Sunday for the team.  To say that Story has been the "Story" of the early fantasy baseball season would be a gross understatement to say the least.  What Story has been doing is downright ridiculous and his owners are likely sitting in first place in their leagues, so awesome has been his production.  Hovering over this however is the ongoing internal question:  "Sell high or Hold Tight?"  Teh answer to that query is not easy by any means, especially when you consider that Story was already considered a highly-rated prospect and plays his home games in Coors Field which alone is a huge selling point.  There is also a case to be made for the ultimate sell high as Story's value will never get higher then it is right now and his home field and power swing at the shalllowest position in fantasy baseball are major selling points. 

So as far as looking for an answer, let's dig in a big more.  Last season on the farm, Story put up the following numbers at Double-A and Triple-A:

Double-A:  .281 10 HR 15 SB
Triple-A:  .277 10 HR 7 SB

Combine together and Story put up a 20/22 line split between the two levels which with shortstop eligiblity is incredibly attractive.  The average was not glowing though and that is understandable due to the somewhat hacking nature Story has.  He struck out in 24.3 and 24.7 of his at-bats at the two levels and he has taken that K rate up to the majors.  Through all of the glowing numbers, Story has struck out in 28.6 of his at-bats right now which eventually will do quite a bit of damage to his batting average.  So there is that negative to look at.  In addition, you can be sure opposing pitchers are viewing a bunch of video on Story right now in order to try and exploit the weaknesses in his swing and that will lead to future trouble also.  Combine together and Story could be hitting .265 before you know it.

As far as what to do here, this is what we will tell you.  The fact Story is putting up such obsence numbers at the annually tough to fill shortstop spot and he plays his home games in Colorado are both two huge pluses for him.  We would be more inclined to hold onto Story for those reasons, not to mention the fact he has not run much yet which is also a good part of his game.  Combine the steals with the power and you have a new fantasy baseball star.  If you do in fact want to sell high, offer Story up right now and pull the trigger in the next few days.  The return package should be a veteran hitter who is more than proven such as a Joey Votto at first base, Starling Marte in the outfield, or even a Robinson Cano at second base.  Tough call but you can't go wrong either way with this. 

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