Monday, March 14, 2016


Yours truly got in on all the drafting fun Sunday night as the Fantasy Sports Boss 2016 Fantasy Baseball Experts League draft was held.  For the first time in the league's history, we have changed the format to head-to-head (weekly 1 win) based on the following categories:

For Pitcher
Hits Given Up
Earned Runs Given Up

For Hitter
Home Runs

Personally I won the ROTO version 7 of the last 8 years and so I guess my dominance had the rest of the league searching for an alternative.  With that said, I have never done a competitive money head-to-head fantasy baseball format before so I am going in a bit raw.  Be that as it may, we all went in with four keepers from last year and mind were the following very potent stable:

Max Scherzer
Manny Machado
Paul Goldschmidt
Jose Altuve

With Machado qualifying at shortstop in our league, I was looking for an outfielder and another starter by the end of what was Round 5 and the top pick in Round 6.  Some available names I was looking at were Madison Bumgarner, David Price, Jose Fernandez, Gerrit Cole, Joey Votto, Charlie Blackmon, Chris Davis, and Adam Jones.  With average not a category, Davis became a person of interest for me for the first time in awhile since I always avoided guys who had major holes in their swing.  Be that as it may, Davis was the first pick of Round 5 and so it was on.  This is how the drat unfolded for me each round in order.

5.  David Price:  Fernandez and Cole were both off the board so I tabbed Price over Bumgarner.  Ideally I would have went with Bum but his late Sunday injury scare worried me.  With Price and Scherzer, I have immense strikeouts and two top 7 aces.  Now for the outfielder.

6.  Adam Jones:  Blackmon or A.J. Pollock was who I really wanted but I was fine reuniting with the consistent and durable Jones.  Good anchor who is still in his prime.

7.  Adrian Gonzalez:  Another durable power hitter who I could stash in my UTIL spot.  Was looking at both Lorenzo Cain and Eric Hosmer but both went prior to the pick. 

8.  Carlos Carrasco:  I love this pick and I love everything about Carrasco.  The guy is scary good and 240 strikeouts is very possible.  With Scherzer, Price, and Carrasco, I arguably have the best strikeout threesome in the game outside of the guy who has Clayton Kershaw, Chris Sale, and Jose Fernandez. 

9.  Evan Longoria:  Was not loving the remaining third base options as both my targets of Anthony Rendon and Maikel Franco went off the board.  I had to go with the very boring and lately disappointing Longoria.  The power is still very good but Longoria has the feel of a guy who is old news.  I want to do better here during the season via a trade. 

10. Hunter Pence:  This was the de factor Round 10 so Pence was a good value here.  Veteran guy who has dealt with some more injuries as he has aged but I think I can sneak another good season out of him.  I need to find some more steals though and Ben Revere was looking attractive. 

11. Jacoby Ellsbury:  Yeah I know, I know.  I have been telling you all to avoid Ellsbury and now I pick him.  In Round 12 though this is good value.  There is no doubt Ellsbury is declining and his health remains a major mess but I will take what I can get out of him this late. 

12. Francisco Rodriguez:  There was a crazy run on closers up to this point and the top options were almost all gone so I was forced to act here quicker then I anticipated.  Rodriguez still has his stuff off two good seasons in a row so this will do.

13. Huston Street:  Ugh.  Street was the better bet over Glen Perkins I believed and he still is on a team that plays a lot of close games.  Still Street is a major injury risk and will likely drive me crazy all season.

14. Devin Mesoraco:  Again tremendous value here.  Prior to last season, Mesoraco was the second catcher off the board behind Buster Posey off a monster 2014 campaign.  The power is there as long as the health cooperates.  All of a sudden I realized I got some health concerns with my guys the last few rounds.

15. Jake McGee:  McGee is a very good arm who racks up a bunch of K's and will close for the Colorado Rockies.  I'm sold.

16. David Peralta:  Big fan of Peralta who looks set for a nice breakout of his own.  Could be an outfielder 2 by the end of the season with his power and decent speed.

17. Jeff Samardzjia:  Love the new locale in San Francisco but Samardzjia has to find his lost K's.  This late the gamble is worth it.

18. Lucas Giolito:  Stashing the best pitching prospect in the game is a good idea.

19. Will Smith:  I think Smith wins the closer battle in Milwaukee and he could easily be a top ten guy with his insane K rate.

20. Mark Trumbo:  Trumbo goes back into an offensive park in Baltimore and his 1B/OF eligibility fills my late need to work on my bench. 

21. Gio Gonzalez:  As along as Gonzalez can somewhat reign in his walks, he is a proven SP 2/3 commodity. 

22. J.T. Realmuto:  My backup catcher who can hit a bit and steal some bases. 

23. Josh Harrison:  Usually not a fan of Harrison but his three-position eligibility works for my bench.

24. Jeremy Jeffress:  I picked the other possible closer option in Milwaukee which guarantees me the ninth inning guy here. 

So how did a do?  Let me know.  Post your thoughts below. 


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