Monday, March 21, 2016


The season is less than two weeks from getting under way and there are some clear stock movements concerning some key players worth discussing.  Let's see who makes the list this week.


Albert Pujols:  For a guy who many thought would be out until May after foot surgery, the Los Angeles Angels first baseman has done nothing but mash this spring with 3 home runs already in the Cactus League.  Pujols is set to go for Opening day and coming off his first 40-home run season in a years, is primed for another big power campaign. 

Nolan Arenado:  It is downright crazy what the Colorado Rockies third baseman is doing with the bat this spring as he goes into Monday's game with a ridiculous .606 average with 20 hits in 33 at-bats and 2 home runs.  Arenado is the epitome of a monster power hitter and his first round grade is well earned.  We could be easily looking at another 40-plus home runs and 110-plus RBI to go with even an improvement in batting average. 

Brandon Belt:  Speaking of hot, San Francisco's Brandon Belt is now batting .374 after a 4-for-4 day Sunday.  We have heard the narrative before about Belt being primed for a big breakout season but injuries always have interrupted the proceedings.  Still the guy has some terrific ability with the bat in his hand when he is right physically and so many have been disappointed with Belt in the past that his draft price this spring is very affordable. 


Jacoby Ellsbury:  Yes he is hurt AGAIN.  This time it was a fastball to the wrist that had many thinking Ellsbury suffered another unfortunate health problem.  Well subsequent MRI's and testing showed no breaks which is good news but already we are hearing Ellsbury may not be back until the end of this week due to the bruising.  This is a guy who is as slow a healer of injuries as you can get in fantasy baseball and we also have to be worried about soreness in the wrist hurting his swing as it has done to teammate Brett Gardner going back to last season.  We already told you all to avoid Ellsbury this season as he is now 32, always hurt, and is seeing his average and steals slide.  No thanks. 

Sean Doolittle:  We are not even out of spring training and Oakland A's closer Sean Doolittle is dealing with injuries yet again.  After missing almost all of 2015 with persistent shoulder trouble, Doolittle is now dealing with a triceps strain.  While no alarms are being sounded by the team, this is a reminder of hos fragile Doolittle is and that anyone who owns him needs to back the guy up with Ryan Madson. 


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